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Dennis Hastert May be a Creep, but Structuring Shouldn’t be a Crime

Sorry this is a bit late, but I’ve had only intermittent computer access recently, so I haven’t had time to post my thoughts. This is what I posted on Facebook when I first heard about Hastert’s indictment:

The indictment against Dennis Hastert is garbage. He is accused of “structuring” bank transactions so they would be below the reporting limits, a.k.a. common sense. He was moving money so he could allegedly pay someone hush money. Structuring is one of those “crimes” that isn’t really a crime in and of itself, but is used to facilitate some other crime. As far as I know paying someone hush money is not illegal. So how ’bout we not charge non-crimes unless they are actually used to facilitate real crimes.

Here we have the “structuring” charge rearing it’s ugly head again, and this is essentially the same thing I wrote in the Kent Hovind post below.

He was also charged with lying to investigators. This too shouldn’t be a crime, not because lying is OK, but because if you are guilty of something and you are brought in for questioning, you really only have three options – confess, lie or say nothing. So if lying to investigators is a crime and you don’t want to confess, your only real option is to say nothing. This essentially negates the presumption of innocence. Exercising your right to remain silent effectively makes you look guilty. As well, it criminalizes what is essentially the knee jerk reaction. The lying is a sin, but it is not the actual crime that is being investigated. Therefore it is one of those charges that can be tacked on to the the real charge to increase the potential sentence, or it can be the main crime if the investigators think you are guilty of something, but can’t prove it, but can prove you lied. This makes things far too easy for the authorities.

When it first came out that Hastert was paying hush money to someone for “misconduct” that reportedly occurred prior to him taking office, my first thought was that it probably had to do with sex and my next thought was that it likely was of the homosexual and/or underage variety. Now that it has come out that the issue was indiscretions that he engaged in with male wrestlers when he was a wrestling coach, it makes him a lot less sympathetic, and not the best person to use to rally the anti-structuring cause.

As for the alleged misconduct, apparently there had been persistent rumors about Hastert and inappropriate behavior with male wrestlers which caused him to leave the school before he entered politics. (The link is now available to subscribers only, but for some reason I was initially able to read it.) Once in politics, the rumors of prior indiscretions apparently persisted as well as rumors about his sexual orientation. I was unaware of these. You have to wonder why a person with such scandalous skeletons in his closet would chose to pursue a career in politics. And how did he then rise to such heights of power? Were his Republican colleagues not aware of these rumors when they elevated him to Speaker? Also, it makes you wonder, as Hawthorne suggested in a post below, if the Powers That Be may not deliberately seek out such people with a past because they know they can control them.

More Ghosts of Waco

Mike McNulty made two important documentaries during the 1990s on the siege and massacre at Waco. The first documentary, Rules of Engagement, was up for an Oscar; it was attacked by both the Patriot Right and the State, suggesting it might be worth seeing. His follow up, A New Revelation, entered proof of the State firing on the Davidians including shots from Lon Horiuchi. Two additional items, the presence of Delta Force at Waco, and the role Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster played in the massacre were documented.

When the State finally set up a slightly more independent investigatory body, headed by Senator John Danforth, an Episcopalian minister, McNulty was a thorn in his side, turning his FLIR material over to the investigation. The lead expert, Carlos Ghigliotti, died.

McNulty last made the news cycle suggesting a new project, one that would target Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. Mike McNulty passed away last week Feb 24-25.  (Update: Feb 20th.)

In entirely unrelated news in Missouri Republican Gubernatorial politics, Tom Schweich, who was to challenge for the Republican Governor’s nomination, and who had alleged anti-Semitism from the Missouri State GOP last November, committed suicide on Feb. 26

Prior to becoming a Missouri state civil servant/politician, Schweich had worked on anti-drug policy in Afghanistan (i.e. managing the drug trade); before that he worked for Senator Danforth in the UN, and before that, he helped Senator Danforth’s Waco investigation.

Just a juxtaposition, not an insinuation that this has anything to do with a possible Hillary Clinton, or another Bush, campaign.

Rest in peace, Mike McNulty.

The Strange New World of Chris Ruddy Revisited

Chris Ruddy was a tabloid reporter running the populist Democrat angle at the NY Post who was encouraged, allegedly by Reed Irvine, to pursue the death of Vincent Foster.  After a few articles, Reed got cold feet and quit the search, while others continued hot pursuit–and Ruddy saw his star rising.

CIA operative and benefactor, Richard Mellon Scaife, offered to privately fund Ruddy’s pursuit of the Foster case and soon, ‘NewsMax’ was born, and Ruddy had a book published.  With many competitors in the Vince Foster investigation, Ruddy attempted to find his own niche, a focus on a wine (or wine cooler–again, memory fades) bottle found near the body that Ruddy suggested might have contained poison as well as an argument about where the body was actually found.

When Patrick Knowlton, a witness at Fort Marcy Park who went against the government line, complained of harassment from various enforcers he thought was government, he hired an attorney who pursued recourse.  This is when Ruddy broke the narrative and questioned the motives of Knowlton’s attorney.  Ruddy’s main interest, it seemed was to keep a raw partisan view on the Foster case.

And so, it came with only a passingly strange a-hem, that Chris Ruddy is donating $1 million to a Clinton Foundation.

Who’s Stoked For Better Call Saul?

I admit I am a bit of an AMC fanboy, but if you’re not stoked for the premier of Better Call Saul, a Breaking Bad spin off, then there is something lacking in your makeup. And don’t forget, it has been suggested that what Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, is up to is pretty subversive.

Also, tomorrow is the return of the second half of the 5th season of The Walking Dead. Be on the couch in front of your TV tomorrow night or be square.

Anti-Vaxxers, Vaxxers, Rand Paul and Amnesty/Immigration/Easy Entry

Rand Paul has taken a calculated and necessary stand on the otherwise narrow, and occasionally popular position amongst the Upper Middle Class, of vaccines. As a Doctor, and Constitutionalist, he has the unique identity to strike a proper tone as being something more than a drug agent for Big Pharma.
The Anti-Vaxxer Coalition has the marks of a potentially Traditionalist network, as they reject the perceived wisdom of the Technocrats. Generally, they see the goblin in Big Pharma.
The world of the 1950s accepted that we were not all equal, and that a grand goal (e.g. eliminating polio) might cost a few lives, a few eggs broken (these are Beyond Left and Right positions) but the great goal was worth it. The Classical Liberal would just argue that so long as one can sue for unlimited damages, then such a system could function (of course, regulatory capture, and far worse, insures the otherwise.)
For the paleo, it is pointless to speak to the Vaxxers on their terms, but as metaphysicians, both groups have elements that might begin to understand that it is in their interest to make the connection, that Amnesty, Easy Travel, Increased Immigration and so forth is incompatible with the Anti-Vaxxer position.
There are laws on the book—being completely ignored—that prevent those with communicable diseases, or those coming from a region with a communicable disease—from easy entry.
The argument is twofold: The State (which includes Big Pharma) has an interest in more “customers” and has a diabolical interest in raising the fear of Third World disease and presenting “technology” as a defense.
On the other front, one cannot let in millions of foreigners from every part of the globe and expect those populations who refuse vaccines to thrive or find safety in their gated communities or rural enclaves.
Rand Paul, and really, the anti-Vaxxers should thus be challenged on that front.

Inflation, Deflation: The Patriots are the Bad Guys

In 2001/2002, it was popular in Illuminati Watch circles to suggest the New England Patriots (professional American football) won the Super Bowl as part of a propaganda program.

These years later, my loathing for Roger Goodall and the NFL has grown.  The National Football League (a non-profit corporation) was the only institution with the power to challenge the investigation into the death of Pat Tillman, and the nature of the reporting of his death–a second death, as managed by the Bush Administration.  In pursuit of tax payer dollars for new stadiums, the NFL stood down, took their 30 pieces of silver, and even worse, capitalized on Tillman’s unique form of patriotism–a warrior-poet, if ever there was one in our degraded times.

I was captured–that part of the frontal lobe that is attracted to violence–by professional football on television at an early age.  I love the New England Patriots as an institution.  I love the lore and former players, the fans and the years of memories, heartache, and triumph.  They exist outside the league and sport they play in.

I am reminded by the heat Scott Hall and Kevin Nash generated when they formed the NWO in WCW–when Hogan did his famous heel turn.  For the first few weeks after that, the heat was so real, not seen since the Freebirds, or maybe Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez against the von Erichs; but in time, Scott Hall, Nash, Hogan–they tapped into the emerging anti-hero vibe that defined the grunge generation of the 1990s–Cobain’s fellow agists.  Within a few months, it was good to be bad–for better or worse.

Our world always reminds us Inflation good (Aaron Rogers), Deflation bad–thank you Federal Reserve.

Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck are the bad guys.

They are my Bad Guys.  And may they bring the NFL down.

Gray State Director, Wife and Child Found Dead

I don’t want to be the guy who cries conspiracy theory every time something happens. It is entirely possible that this was a murder-suicide. Oddly, the article does not say who the alleged murderer was, the husband or the wife. But given that this guy was making a movie about FEMA camps, it does make you go hmmm…

According to the article, they may have been dead since before Christmas. If so, it’s odd that it would have taken so long to discover the bodies and suggests that the family might have been isolated/estranged from friends and family.