Turn, the Centuries Turn

For our paleos in France:


7 thoughts on “Turn, the Centuries Turn

  1. weavercht

    That is a beautiful video. There’s so much to take in.

    But you know, as Chinese like to say to me when I praise Bushido: You can’t fight if you commit Seppuku (or alternatively join Valhalla). You can continue to fight only if you survive. I used to think that as well when Saga sings, “The heroes have already died”.

    Anyway, the classic way to deal with an enemy is to figure a way to have the revolutionaries war and die against someone else. Have them go freedomise some foreign enemy.


  2. weavercht

    A revolutionary would have to really hate a noble to skin him alive. I hope I never discover how that feels, though I imagine many dying of old age, cancer, etc. suffer greatly.


  3. hawthornecht Post author


    The point was more that paleo’s have no dog in a fight between “Republicans” and Islamists.

    We can only watch from the sideline as the contradictions of the “Republicans” are exposed–oh, and in France, remind us why we loath “Republicans.”


    1. weavercht

      I admittedly misread your intent. I thought you intended that France now has a struggle, and here are martyrs to inspire. I certainly don’t take the side of Liberalism in Europe. I’ve long warned against atheism in Europe as a reaction to Islam.

      In the video, everyone was killed, and I meant ideally you’d survive to fight, though it is admirable to risk death. We need an example of winners to inspire! Anyway, it’s a great video, and I like the song, though I might not like the lyrics of course, many flavours in the Right. I couldn’t locate the lyrics online.


      1. hawthornecht Post author

        My friend Sav and I found this blog–well I found it, he might tell the story differently–I don’t remember the name (lets say American New Right) and we never learned what expert was running it, but the blog posted this video ~7 years back and I am haunted by it. The music and lyrics, and the completely added on video presentation are expert–who are these people? Who is this talent amongst us?

        Trust me–it’s a rightist musical group. Look up their catalog. von thronstrahl

        Paleos are tempted to join in with the “Republicans”, but we cannot do that. Sav. would agree though he would be far more rude about the subject.


      2. weavercht

        “Paleos are tempted to join in with the “Republicans”, but we cannot do that.”

        That makes me wonder what the word “paleo” even means. I guess no term means much, and the real war is usually internal.

        Anyway, I was raging at some of the big Euro bloggers when they were first going anti-Islam and were somewhat more Liberal. I strongly agree with your positioning here. It’s the Liberals or managerial state or whatever term that imported the Muslims to begin with. Give blame where it’s due. The Muslims are just behaving as Muslims are wont to behave.

        Anger at Muslims in France is like punishing a dog for eating too quickly. The only solution is to deport the Muslims. Send the Liberals with them if they want more diversity. France should be for the French.

        While that is a Rightist musical group, there’s a chance I’d not agree with their values. Likely I’d like some songs and not others. That’s true of everyone to some degree, sure; but my point is the “Right” has some very different factions within it, the only commonality among some is they recruit from the same pool. Anyway the song is very good. The group is talented.


  4. roho

    I’m so touched?

    NOONE hates nationalism more than the tribe,……………..NOONE!………..Nationalism means beleiveing more in your nation than a nation of Globalist Investers!…..Globalist investers believe more in PROFITS than the future of the NATION!

    Therefore, no nation can survive until they purge their nation of GLOBALISTS!



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