Inflation, Deflation: The Patriots are the Bad Guys

In 2001/2002, it was popular in Illuminati Watch circles to suggest the New England Patriots (professional American football) won the Super Bowl as part of a propaganda program.

These years later, my loathing for Roger Goodall and the NFL has grown.  The National Football League (a non-profit corporation) was the only institution with the power to challenge the investigation into the death of Pat Tillman, and the nature of the reporting of his death–a second death, as managed by the Bush Administration.  In pursuit of tax payer dollars for new stadiums, the NFL stood down, took their 30 pieces of silver, and even worse, capitalized on Tillman’s unique form of patriotism–a warrior-poet, if ever there was one in our degraded times.

I was captured–that part of the frontal lobe that is attracted to violence–by professional football on television at an early age.  I love the New England Patriots as an institution.  I love the lore and former players, the fans and the years of memories, heartache, and triumph.  They exist outside the league and sport they play in.

I am reminded by the heat Scott Hall and Kevin Nash generated when they formed the NWO in WCW–when Hogan did his famous heel turn.  For the first few weeks after that, the heat was so real, not seen since the Freebirds, or maybe Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez against the von Erichs; but in time, Scott Hall, Nash, Hogan–they tapped into the emerging anti-hero vibe that defined the grunge generation of the 1990s–Cobain’s fellow agists.  Within a few months, it was good to be bad–for better or worse.

Our world always reminds us Inflation good (Aaron Rogers), Deflation bad–thank you Federal Reserve.

Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck are the bad guys.

They are my Bad Guys.  And may they bring the NFL down.

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