Burkini Vs. Victorian Bathing Suit

With Islam challenging cosmopolitan interculturalism, we’ve created a dichotomy between: Secular vs. Islam.

This places skimpy bathing suits on the side of “the West”. But where is a Christian to stand?

Both the bikini and the burkini are degrading to a woman. The burkini covers the face as if to deface the wearer, make her look deformed.

Well, I propose that we remember the Victorian bathing suit!

Though such a suit might be impractical, it is surely not more impractical than a bikini, which does not always remain tied to the wearer during a swim. A Victorian bathing suit commands respect. Rather than turn boys on, it would surely attract the sort of responsible man a Victorian lady is seeking to help raise a large family.

Perhaps an intermediary bathing suit would be best, one between the Victorian and the modern. Or perhaps another period’s style is better still. I am no expert on bathing suits.

I dislike the Muslims taking the side of God. The West should declare that we side with the real God, not with the secular.

2 thoughts on “Burkini Vs. Victorian Bathing Suit

  1. Kirt Higdon

    The burkinis I’ve seen pictured do not cover the face and it would be next to impossible to swim with a face covering unless you have some kind of breathing apparatus. The burkinis I’ve seen pictured do cover the head and look more or less like wetsuits. Apart from divers, who of course also wear face masks and breathing apparatus, surfers and long distance ocean swimmers such as tri-athletes, also wear wet suits to prevent or retard hypothermia. Given the similarity of these to the burkinis, it’s hard for me to see the problem with burkinis.

    BTW, glad to see this site finally re-activated. I hope everyone else hasn’t just forgotten about it.


    1. weavercht Post author


      I appreciate the reply. I don’t have any particular plans to remain or to leave. I just tend to post when so inspired. And the other posters here still let me post, assuming I haven’t run them all off.

      I don’t mind the burkinis myself. I’m just annoyed the Muslims are taking the side of God.



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