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Cultural Marxism among libertarians: Jack Hunter, Rand Paul, et al.

It seems that some of the “paleolibertarians” are exchanging Murray Rothbard’s race realism for trendy, anti-Western Cultural Marxism.  A couple recent examples:


Margaret H. Roberts:  Rand Paul And Libertarianism Inc.’s Decay Into Anti-White “Anti-Racism”


Kyle Rogers: Jack Hunter pushes establishment falsehoods about blacks and the police


Of course, these new-founded libertarian-Cultural Marxists are at war with reality, since human biodiversity is a facet of human nature.  But don’t let facts get in their way!


Identitarianism vs Neo-reaction

Here’s an interesting interview with Gregory Hood & Michael McGregor on the similarities and differences between identitarianism and neo-reaction.

Here’s some more info on both schools of thought.


F. Roger Devlin: “The Rectification of Names: Guillaume Faye’s Why We Fight

Georges Feltin-Tracol:  “Back to the Future: Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism


Nick Land:  Dark Enlightenment Series

Neo-reaction on Twitter.

Personally, I think that both schools of thought overlap and are more similar than either side wants to admit.

Is Rand Paul “playing the game”?

There has been much talk about Rand Paul’s shenanigans recently:  from supporting open borders, to supporting amnesty, to often sounding like Al Sharpton, to endorsing Lindsey Graham, to, basically, sounding like the exact opposite of his father.  Now, some have said that Rand Paul has, in fact, become a full-fledged establishment Libertardian Inc. player.  Others maintain that this is mere posture and he’s just “playing the game”.  If he is just “playing the game,” to what end?  His own aggrandizement?


Radix Journal:  “Rand Paul Goes Full Retard