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Merle Haggard Passed Away

Merle Haggard passed away yesterday. He was 79. I’d like to repost the following tweet in his honour.:


According to that same article, Haggard claimed to have many unrecorded songs. I’d love to see the lyrics.

The Nuge Likes The Donald!

This article is a bit old, but I’m posting it know because it is part of a theme I am developing.

Conservative rocker Ted Nugent said he likes several of the GOP presidential candidates, but frontrunner Donald Trump would make an especially good commander-in-chief.

“He would kick *** and take names and that’s what America needs right now,” Nugent said…

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This is The Country Boy Song

… by Earl Dibbles Jr. This is from 2012, but I don’t recall hearing it at the time. It gets occasional airplay on our local “outlaw country” station which is where I first heard it. To be honest, I’m not sure it isn’t a spoof of redneck country. Earl seems to be playing a role in the video. I’m not going to nominate it for official Red State Anthem, because it is a little too lowbrow even for that, and if it is a spoof I don’t want the joke to be on me. But it is more evidence for my contention that country music is one of the few cultural venues that celebrates Redness. Anyway, give it a listen.

Miracle Machine by Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian, the epic folk metal band, just cut yet another incredible album, Beyond the Red Mirror.

“Miracle Machine” is track ten. (Lyrics)

The following lines appear to counter one another:

We must believe in something
That I would call a miracle
The grail will break the final seal
We must believe in something
A miracle, a miracle machine
We just hide it secretly

For they are coming
Give us guidance


They don’t belong here
Though they claim they’re right
Let it grow

Turn off the light
Let reason grow

They will set it on fire
They come to fool us all

They are slaves to the Fire, you know

Their fire must grow
They have to feed it

If I’m interpreting the song correctly, it is similar to their song “Valhalla” with its line that, “No, no, we can’t live without Gods”. You have modernism attempting to eradicate all irrational ties, and you have attempts at surviving the onslaught.

The RadTrad position is in essence that man must serve something, particular ties and faith, piety to God and ancestors; that Reason alone falls to relativity and is a false substitute that cannot sustain a civilisation, only help destroy one, that Tradition often takes more into account than we realise and thus should not be readily opposed. Blind Guardian seems to have declared its allegiance to RadTrad in opposition to modernism, if ever there were any doubt. Such is the conclusion I come to anyway. Blind Guardian is also the band that “made Lord of the Rings cool” with a special album just for the book.

Update: From wikipedia:

In the Elseworlds story “Castles in the Air” (Legionnaires Annual #1, 1994), a subplot involves a group of Legionnaires on a quest for the Miracle Machine, only to discover it was destroyed by Mordru. (The story is a pastiche of the story of King Arthur, with the Miracle Machine serving the role of the Holy Grail).

Nevertheless, I believe this song is intended to hold a deeper meaning as well. I’m not well-versed in comic books and graphic novels, I must admit. However, a solid concept could certainly stem from there as well as from anywhere else.