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Jeb Bush Declares Americans Need to Work Longer Hours

Jeb Bush recently declared Americans need to work longer hours.

The true problem Bush is discussing is the US has been flooded with millions of unskilled, low-quality immigrants while shipping industry overseas. There simply are no jobs and little long-term investment (neither private nor public) in the US.

To put another way, Jeb and Hillary’s would-be policies are the problem. And it’s likely Jeb, Hillary, or a similar “centrist” politician will win the presidency. Jeb, like Obama, is talking about a problem he would exacerbate. Obama’s QE (no investment), trade deal, Obamacare (encourages part-timers), and immigration amnesty all undermine American hours and wages. And Jeb would change none of it.

If Americans had sense, they would unite to back an America-first candidate. Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders would both be excellent for average Americans. Sadly, we’re trapped in Blue State vs. Red State, Socialist vs. Capitalist, Democrat vs. Republican, etc. ad nauseum political theatre.

Only a uniting of populists against the oligarchs can improve the US. Due to the additional divides of ethnicity and religion, it’s unlikely Americans will ever unite to defeat our masters.

The best hope of uniting Americans I’m aware of is Ron Unz’s minimum wage hike proposal. Because Unz’s minimum wage would indirectly counter mass immigration of low-quality immigrants.

It’s likely “Blue State” already supports a minimum wage hike. The challenge is to sell it to “Red State”. If the two could unite here, the populists would have a victory. There’s need for moneyed advertising to flood Red State with the idea; Years of classically liberal ideology will need to be countered.

Ron Unz:

For years I’ve joked with my friends that the conservative case for raising the minimum wage is so overwhelmingly strong that I’m worried liberals might eventually change their minds on the issue and begin advocating a cut in the minimum wage.

There are signs of progress.

We could perhaps also unite to reduce military spending, using the excess (newly unemployed) to build infrastructure and perhaps support NASA or a similar project. It’s again Red State who would need to be won over to reducing military spending.