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Check Out Henry Dampier’s Blog

Any of y’all familiar with Henry Dampier? (I don’t know if that is his real name.) He is a neoreactionary. I don’t think paleoconservatism is synonymous with neoreaction, but there is a lot of overlap because both are premised on the rejection of liberalism (in the modern and original sense). Some neoreaction, like some of the alternative right in general, is hostile to Christianity, but not all of it is and not all ax grinds about the issue. The reason I’m recommending Dampier is because he writes clearly and well, and he is always thoughtful.

Here is his blog. Give it a look.

And I would like to draw your attention to this post on why he writes. I agree. While I harbor no grand delusions that I will succeed, I write because I want to change things. Or more specifically, I want to contribute to the public conversation in a way that steers it, however slightly, in our direction. Just sitting around naysaying everything does no one any good, especially the naysayer.

I also agree with the encouragement that we need to live what we write. Our example may well end up having more influence than a 100 essays that are primarily read by the choir.

Mike’s paleo lifestyle post gets at this, and so do all the songs being posted. Get fit so you positively project an image. Listen to Outlaw Country just to spite Blue Staters.