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The Wussification of American Culture

Check this out from Reason Magazine.

A whopping 68 percent of Americans think there should be a law that prohibits kids 9 and under from playing at the park unsupervised, despite the fact that most of them no doubt grew up doing just that.

What’s more: 43 percent feel the same way about 12-year-olds. They would like to criminalize all pre-teenagers playing outside on their own (and, I guess, arrest their no-good parents)

Some of this may be artifact of the tendency of poll takers to want to answer polls the way they perceive to be correctly, but still. I was running off playing in the woods and playing sports with the neighbor kids from around the 3rd grade IIRC.

Perhaps part of the problem here is with the word park, although the second paragraph says “outside.” People hear park and they automatically think creepy pedophile lurking about for young kids.

The problem these days, as I see it, is kids who don’t want to go outside because they want to stay in and play video games. We struggle with this at the Phillips’ household. We need more unsupervised outdoor play, not less.

Tell Wal-Mart to Stop Giving Money to Race Huckster Al Sharpton

Perhaps Wal-Mart needs to hear from us. I’m not suggesting you not shop at Wal-Mart, because for many of us that isn’t really practical or desirable, but I do think a respectful e-mail and/or letter is in order.

I’m not big on boycotts because very few large companies are perfect in these respects, and if you are a purist on these matters you’ll wind up with nowhere to shop. It’s hard to do these things rationally anyway which is one reason boycotts don’t often work. During the Clinton years I was big on not buying Tyson chicken because Tyson was so in cahoots with Bill, but if you ever take a look at the grocery shelves, often times there isn’t a lot of chicken selection that isn’t Tyson. So my avoidance of Tyson was a frequent source of annoyance for my wife. But why was I avoiding Tyson and not all of the other companies that funded Bill? It was really because Tyson was a big name.

I don’t understand why large companies don’t avoid political giving altogether (other than what they do lobbying for their own interests) anyway, because you can’t make everyone happy and will primarily just tick some people off, especially in our increasingly polarized society. Does giving to some pro-abortion organization, for example, actually buy you good will from pro-abortion people or does it just tick off pro-life people? I suspect the latter.

In the case of Sharpton’s organization, it is commonly accepted that it is a shakedown racket, either give us money or we’ll make trouble for you on some trumped-up racial grounds. Well Wal-Mart is big enough that they should stand up to such bullying tactics. Wal-Mart allegedly manages to have the lowest prices in town because they play hardball with their suppliers. If they can play hardball with their suppliers, surely they can man up and tell All Sharpton to take a hike.

Apparently their giving to Sharton’s National Action Network (NAN) has been an issue in the past because they have addressed it in the past. Let’s turn up the heat.

Here is a list of other supporters of Sharpton’s NAN.

Unfortunately, none of these links have contact information.

Here is the link to the customer feedback section of their corporate website. One of the categories to check off is “Company Feedback and Questions.” Limit is 3000 characters.

I couldn’t find a specific address, but I am sure this will get it there.

Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc
702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716-8611

Interesting Article About David Gregory and Meet the Press

This is long, but it is worth a read. It’s about David Gregory getting fired from Meet the Press, but contains a lot of Washinton and network inside baseball.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have any thoughts either way on Gregory vs. Chuck Todd, but I think Gregory was probably scapegoated for changes that were well beyond his control. I think these Sunday morning shows are doomed as we now know them. I’m as obsessed with politics as anybody, but I find these shows unwatchable. They trot out the same old reliables like John McCain week after week who spout talking points. These shows arose before the internet became a thing, and even before widespread access to 24 hr cable news. At one point they were how political junkies got their fix. Now, there are so many other outlets. My guess is that the primary audience for these show is much older and the kind of people who like politics qua politics more so than actual issues. The only time I’m really interested in politics qua politics is during Presidential primary season. Then I’ll watch these shows. Otherwise, count me out.

100 years ago tonight….

How does one make note of it in our time?

A bunch of men on the European Western Front, said no more, at least for now, and made peace without fear of the death penalty that was already built into the system.  I walked these grounds, in the 90s post college, they are indeed haunted.

Nationalist betrayal, loyalty to our civilization, celebration of our feast days…I bring no answers save remember the men who spawned the Christmas Truce of 1914 in your celebrations of the time period.

Warrior  poets, one and all.  Merry Christmas.  Joyeux Noel.

Arrest the UVA Frat House Vandals!

Steve Sailer has a post up about the PC creeps who vandalized the Phi Psi frat house at UVA following the release of the Rolling Stone hoax gang rape story. These jokers should be arrested and booted out of school. If a Washington Times reporter can figure this out in a couple of days, then surely the cops can.

That said, this doesn’t really look good for the frat. My thought when this story first broke was that the frat was remaining silent because something might have happened there that night, just not what was reported. Now that we know that nothing happened, why were these frat boys not loudly proclaiming their innocence from the highest rooftop? Also, why didn’t they stay there and protect their property? They should have grabbed baseball bats and ringed the house and dared the PC mob to try something.

And why is the house still empty? Is that part of the University ban on frats? Or a ban on this frat? I would think the University could ban activities but couldn’t keep people from living there, as that is some people’s home. If the house being empty isn’t part of the ban, then that looks bad also. It makes the frat boys look weak and afraid. They should march back into their house proudly and dare anyone to try to stop them.

Crack in the Rainbow Coalition: Jesse Jackson Wants Foreign Workers Gone

Jesse Jackson makes money from crusades, real or manufactured, against black discrimination. US tech companies have been targeted for hiring too few blacks (and Latinos). Google, etc. have all admitted there is a problem, and such “civil rights activists” sensing the blood in the water, the vulnerability of White Guilt, moved in for the kill.

The usual narrative is that whites don’t hire blacks, because whites hate nonwhites or enjoy inexplicable “white privilege”. This narrative usually works, but the US is becoming increasingly diverse, especially among the young. Blacks continue to underperform even with affirmative action and growing diversity. Other minorities have become competitors.

The harsh reality is blacks enjoy a better standard of living no where than in white majority societies and those that cater predominantly to white tourists. As diversity increases in the US, blacks will receive a diminishing share of the white pie, which is to say blacks will have to actually work for a larger portion of what they receive.

Obama, the great black hope, just passed a massive amnesty for illegal residents, using powers he doesn’t legally possess. Blacks overwhelmingly support Obama, so they overwhelmingly assume this amnesty is in their interests. It thwarts Republicans, and it thwarts oppressive white people. Whites must be oppressive, because any other explanation paints blacks in a negative light.

Cue this latest news: “Jesse Jackson: Get rid of foreign tech workers“.

Hopefully we’re seeing the first cracks in the Rainbow Coalition. While there’s little hope whites will ever grow a backbone to stand against, well, anything unpopular (whites have a need to be loved and accepted, to stand for what’s publicly acknowledged as “good”), we might finally see a change in the political trajectory due to shifting nonwhite political alliances, by which I mean squabbles over the white pie.

Pat Buchanan’s Surprising Take on Lifting the Cuba Embargo

Well, I say surprising. Maybe it’s not surprising to the people who know him better.

To me, lifting the embargo is a no-brainer from a non-interventionist perspective. Buchanan has a point here:

But Obama threw in an admission that all nine presidents before him pursued a “failed policy.” Calling for recognition of the Castro regime as the legitimate government of Cuba, Obama said, “Isolation has not worked.”

“Not worked”? What is he talking about? Isolating Cuba during the last 30 years of the Cold War helped bankrupt and bring down the Soviet Empire, which had to carry Cuba on its back.

But why did the embargo need to be continued once the Soviet Union collapsed?

I agree that Obama should have laid off publicly criticizing past Presidents and policies because to do so is generally unseemly, and maybe he should have extracted an agreement from the Castro regime that they would lay off the whooping it up and declaring victory, if such a thing is possible. Maybe they could have agreed on a joint statement.

Thomas Fleming doesn’t agree, and I think his comment probably explains Buchanan’s position as well as any:

Pat has been a friend for years and we usually agree, but not always. We all have a fall-back position, and Pat’s is the Cold War, just as for others it is the War Between the States, and for still others the Persian Wars.

Dr. Michael Hill Interviewed by Richard Spencer

Here, Richard Spencer interviews Dr. Hill about the League of the South and Southern Nationalism, a term I have never liked. Dr. Hill explains the evolution of the League over the years. He mentions some of the controversy that came along with this evolution, but there is a lot of nuance there that you have to have followed the organization to be aware of.

So Apparently Now There are “Rape Truthers?”

Amanda Marcotte (who else?) writes at Salon (where else?) decrying all the “rape truthers” who have arisen in the wake of the Rolling Stone gang rape story falling apart. (The article was originally published at Alternet. That, I guess, is where else.)

First of all, Ms. Marcotte needs a lesson in liguistic equivalence. 9/11 is an actual event that has a conventional explanation that is broadly accepted. People who dispute this conventional and broadly accepted explanation are called “9/11 truthers.” On the other hand, it has now been established beyond a reasonable doubt that the gang rape as described in the RS article did not happen, and it seems very likely that nothing in the way of a rape or sexual assault happened to Jackie that night. We can never prove that something didn’t happen absent a recantation from Jackie, but there is really very little reason to believe at this point, knowing what we know about Jackie’s catfishing scheme to win a man, that anything did happen. So, since the gang rape described in RS didn’t happen, how are people that point this out “rape truthers?” They’re actually rape realityers.

The fact that PC warriors like Marcotte are less concerned about women getting sexually assaulted than they are about having a bludgeon to beat up on men with, is evidenced by her language. Rape is not a “serious social problem.” The existence of outlets like Salon is a serious social problem. Rape, too the degree it happens, which is much less than the 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 that the PC brow beaters continually repeat, is two things, a criminal problem and a sin problem. If they really wanted to deal with the criminal issue, then they would encourage more women to report it and would work on things like making sure every ER was up to speed on how to do a forensic rape kit. Maybe they could raise some funds to get more nurses certified, for example.

And while I seriously doubt that too many PC storm troopers are worried about Christian sexual morality, if they were serious about cutting down on sexual assaults they would decry hook-up culture and not have a conniption fit every time someone suggests that perhaps avoidance of alcohol and chaste behavior would be a wise and prudent course of action.

BTW, notice that Marcotte didn’t mention Steve Sailer. I wonder if she doesn’t want to direct attention his way.

Is #NorthKorea Really Behind the #SonyHack?

Charles Johnson interviews a cyber security expert at who doesn’t think so.

It’s plausible that North Korea is behind it, because they have a reason to be, but I’m not willing to just accept that as gospel because the government says so. Here’s what I posted on Facebook:

The primary reason to not believe that North Korea did it, is because the Fed Gov says they did it, and their minions in the MSM have dutifully reported it. Everything the Fed Gov says is not a lie, but on significant public matters like this, the default position should be skepticism. Uncritical acceptance of something because the Feds say it and the MSM reports it, is foolish.