…and the Grand Conspiracy

Kinsists and the general alt right were always sympathetic to the Duggars and for that matter, any reality television stars that pushed the correct ideas–if the Duggars were of a particular sort of eccentric television act with their many children.

With news that the eldest child dabbled in the taboo, yet the fam pressed on with a television show, one wonders if the whole thing was a put up job with the great reveal always in the works–the employment of the eldest son in disrepute with the Family Research Council (see the Evil General Boykin employment @FRC) only encourages a deeper skepticism and thoughts of the Grand Conspiracy.

From my tiny perch, I ask what sort of father, posing as a Christian Conservative, would risk the psyche of his first born son for a tele program–and that is America, in the year I found her–2015.

The Grand Conspiracy is always more true then we want to believe.

14 thoughts on “…and the Grand Conspiracy

  1. weavercht

    I wasn’t even aware of the existence of the Duggars, but I like your theory.

    All that comes to my mind is: It’d be tough to raise so many children. They might have needed the money. I didn’t realise a crime committed at 15 would be public like that. Perhaps the father thought the same.


  2. redphillips

    Hawthorne, the average SoCon was not fretting about Satanic sex abuse. It was pushed by hysterics and opportunists.


  3. hawthornecht Post author

    No, but they were concerned about Satanic Heavy Metal, Tolkien and CS Lewis black magic, and Dungeon and Dragons (youth culture). The SoCon rejection of their European pagan history is easily exploited, if not to the degree the Mormons fell into line. The SoCons created a cottage industry that allowed the actual Grand Conspiracy to flourish. Open Satanists and those who worked with them come and go into SoCon Patriot circles. Reno made a name for herself in Florida prosecuting these cases, and Boykin suggested to go with the CS gas to kill them all at Waco, where Koresh was alleged to be part of the conspiracy with no proof–no problem at the Family Research Council, come on board. And keep in mind, Phelps and Westboro Baptist, were of this ilk and were considered conservatives (even if extreme anti-racists.) SoCons chose their allies poorly.


  4. weavercht

    Interesting: the actual Duggar-child crime wasn’t much of a crime.

    His sister and parents have come out defending him, and, with one exception, he only grabbed girls over their clothing. The one exception was only for “a few seconds”.

    I doubt those raising a fuss remember their high school days. Boys are constantly grabbing girls, over their clothing. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s not this big of an issue.

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    1. hawthornecht Post author


      There have always been observations that the British habit of ‘all boys schools’ encouraged acts of sodomy as pre-university schooling began to be dragged out. There is a reason school ended at 16 of course…and just as the elder Duggar lived in a household that more or less reverted-hippie celebrated sex, one can appreciate your latter point. Highly charged environment with no outlet, bad things happen.

      Still none of that explains pushing on for a tele show, if it is obvious the model is flawed. I don’t think Josh Duggar earned the fate he will receive–outcast, shunned–and I hate to think this gene pool will fall into disrepute–which would be scary if someone ‘needs the money’– but why take the risk? The report itself says the Duggars chose hippie ‘counseling’ rather than hiring a whore–err lady of the night–err massage therapist.

      It really is a bad idea to mix pre-modern ideas with modern life.


      1. weavercht

        “It really is a bad idea to mix pre-modern ideas with modern life.”

        That’s a great quote. I imagine wisdom about such problems is easily lost.

        Well, the Christian solution would perhaps be to marry the children earlier, but that’s not such an easy thing. In reality young, unmarried Christian couples nowadays aren’t usually celibate. Though some are!

        I like all-boys schools. I had figured outings would be needed, dances and such. Just focusing on females at an event should be enough to cure most misdirected desires.

        I realise “Christian” society is often more of a civilisation thing. America is supposed to apply the ideal, so…


  5. hawthornecht Post author

    Marrying the children earlier rarely works–not in this modern world, ideal of course but then we are back to the pre-modern/modern problem. Whatever your take on it, men need their outlet to delay so long and the issue is actually protecting a subset mother class of women–and I believe in marriages being roughly max-7 males years/5 female years lets say, in age difference. For what it might be worth, it is absurd to think a female virgin at say mid-late 20s–to say nothing of 30 and later, is somehow going to be a fit modern mother. A woman needs to be paired off by her very early 20s–regardless of ‘history’.


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