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The Antikythera Mechanism: 2000 Year Old “Computer” Discovered

From TechRepublic:

Thought to have been built at the end of the second century BCE, the Antikythera mechanism is considered the first programmable computer. Thanks to an intricate series of gears and dials, the mechanism could be used as a calendar, to track the phases of the moon, and to predict eclipses. It’s an object out of time: no other artefact as complex was built during the thousand years after the mechanism’s creation—that we know of.

The Antikythera mechanism was named after the shipwreck on which it was discovered. Having sunk to the bottom of the sea in the first century BCE taking the mechanism with it, the shipwreck lay undisturbed until 1900, when a group of Greek sponge divers discovered it and began bringing its treasures to the surface.

It’s in vogue nowadays to look on ancestors with disdain, to portray later generations as higher “evolutions” (technologically, culturally, and genetically), however discoveries like this help correct the record, defy the Darwinists. Similarly, archaeologists often comment how the most recent stratas are often not the most advanced, when studying an historical site.

Ancestors deserve respect, and hopefully with this discovery fewer will become bland secular humanist individualists who neglect ancestors and dream of producing “superior” offspring. The conservative honors ancestors and honors God, and some of our ancestors were more than barbarians.

House Speaker Roll Call Vote

Here is the roll call of this morning’s House Speaker vote. Notable among the 9 Republicans who voted for Daniel Webster (against Paul Ryan) were Dave Brat, Walter Jones and Thomas Massie. Of note, several of the votes for Webster were from Florida which might indicate some state caucus fidelity and not just policy considerations. Among the notable (disappointing) members who voted for Ryan were Justin Amash and John Duncan. I had previously suggested Brat, Jones and Duncan as people worth considering for the job, so two out of three ain’t bad. What a shameful display the coronation of Ryan has been.

*Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been busy lately.

Just Say #NoPaulRyan for Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan would be Vice President today if not for the votes of immigrants. This is a rather simple math problem, but yet he is a big supporter of amnesty and increased legal immigration. Republicans who are not immigration restrictionists are either clinging to an ideology that means the irrelevance of their party, are paid for shills who put the interests of their paymasters ahead of their own, and/or can’t do simple math. That means Ryan is either a fool, a hack or not too bright. So why would any Republican want this clown leading the House?

Pat Buchanan on TPP

Pat gets it, as usual. Trade matters to the GOP base.

“They’re 100 percent behind these trade deals, because it frees up these corporations to move their factories abroad, their plants abroad, and send their goods back to the United States free of charge,” he said. “So, the de-industrialization of America is to the benefit of these corporations, because they can produce far more cheaply outside the United States than they can here.”