Gray State Director, Wife and Child Found Dead

I don’t want to be the guy who cries conspiracy theory every time something happens. It is entirely possible that this was a murder-suicide. Oddly, the article does not say who the alleged murderer was, the husband or the wife. But given that this guy was making a movie about FEMA camps, it does make you go hmmm…

According to the article, they may have been dead since before Christmas. If so, it’s odd that it would have taken so long to discover the bodies and suggests that the family might have been isolated/estranged from friends and family.

1 thought on “Gray State Director, Wife and Child Found Dead

  1. roho

    Red……..I compliment you on posting this subject………Americans falsely believe that weaponised military groups, believe in 2nd amendments, constitution, freedom of speech, etc, etc……………………….NO!…….Like any military force, they only believe in the GUY ON THE LEFT AND RIGHT HELPING THEM STAY ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And NO SANE individual actually murders his 5 year old child?………NEVER!………….This is an important story, and Americans should be AWARE of it’s REALITIES!

    As the piece of shit President FDR said, “NOTHING in politics happens by accident!”



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