Anti-Vaxxers, Vaxxers, Rand Paul and Amnesty/Immigration/Easy Entry

Rand Paul has taken a calculated and necessary stand on the otherwise narrow, and occasionally popular position amongst the Upper Middle Class, of vaccines. As a Doctor, and Constitutionalist, he has the unique identity to strike a proper tone as being something more than a drug agent for Big Pharma.
The Anti-Vaxxer Coalition has the marks of a potentially Traditionalist network, as they reject the perceived wisdom of the Technocrats. Generally, they see the goblin in Big Pharma.
The world of the 1950s accepted that we were not all equal, and that a grand goal (e.g. eliminating polio) might cost a few lives, a few eggs broken (these are Beyond Left and Right positions) but the great goal was worth it. The Classical Liberal would just argue that so long as one can sue for unlimited damages, then such a system could function (of course, regulatory capture, and far worse, insures the otherwise.)
For the paleo, it is pointless to speak to the Vaxxers on their terms, but as metaphysicians, both groups have elements that might begin to understand that it is in their interest to make the connection, that Amnesty, Easy Travel, Increased Immigration and so forth is incompatible with the Anti-Vaxxer position.
There are laws on the book—being completely ignored—that prevent those with communicable diseases, or those coming from a region with a communicable disease—from easy entry.
The argument is twofold: The State (which includes Big Pharma) has an interest in more “customers” and has a diabolical interest in raising the fear of Third World disease and presenting “technology” as a defense.
On the other front, one cannot let in millions of foreigners from every part of the globe and expect those populations who refuse vaccines to thrive or find safety in their gated communities or rural enclaves.
Rand Paul, and really, the anti-Vaxxers should thus be challenged on that front.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers, Vaxxers, Rand Paul and Amnesty/Immigration/Easy Entry

  1. weavercht

    With ebola and AIDS, we see the global war on deadly viruses. It was interesting that Ron Paul did raise concern that ebola might be more contageous than popularly believed, though thankfully he was found wrong on this (no outbreak here).

    TB and other infections are increasingly common in the US, not just viruses.

    The globalists are determined to forge the world into a global polity. It’s not a conspiracy-theory: It’s the course we’re on. It will be an utter failure once the US economy buckles, but globalism is the popular goal today. And I blame big business for that more than utopian desires. Globalism is profitable, and profit is what drives modern man.

    The zeitgeist of today is: “Exploit thy neighbor, because tomorrow we may die and thus lose the opportunity.”


  2. roho

    When in doubt………………………….CHOICE.

    The rules regarding international travel and disease safety should be common sense, and the plumber in Tupelo Mississippi should not be required to receive vaccinations such as needed for the investment Banker traveling outside the country. (Most Americans are born, grown, and die in a 100 mile radius.) Enforce existing laws and stop legislating everything towards a NWO.

    Exposing America’s BS Tariff System to the average voter would fix a lot of problems.



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