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The PC Jihad Against Donald Trump is Why He Should Have Stood up for the Confederate Battle Flag

I have already expressed my disappointment with Donald Trump for so easily and reflexively going with the tide against the Confederate Battle Flag, but the fact that the PC ninnies are going after Trump on immigration, at least means he is doing something right.

Trump is impetuous and not really intellectually grounded in any sort of fundamental political philosophy other than economic nationalism and American patriotism, so I don’t think he thinks everything through. One point about the Battle Flag that I have been making as often as anyone will listen, is that this isn’t just about the Flag. It is about the Cultural Marxist Rightthink Borg flexing its muscle and demonstrating its power. So efforts to take down the Flag should be opposed on general principles by anyone who opposes the Cultural Marxist agenda. This is why it was not in Trump’s best interests to come out openly against the Flag. He could have at least deferred to the people of South Carolina as some other Presidential candidates have done. You can’t concede to the PC Rightthink Gestapo on one front (the Flag) and then resist them on another (immigration), because the Cultural Marxist agenda is all of a piece. It is about nothing less than the destruction of traditional Western and Christian society.

Trump clearly has talents that have allowed him to make a lot of money, but paradoxically, he also strikes me as somewhat naive. I really wonder if he saw this backlash coming. Some cynics have said that Trump is in it to “build his brand,” but I disagree, because I think his campaign is likely to hurt his business fortunes. If Trump ran a string of Southern and Midwestern BBQ joints, then it might help his business, but he doesn’t. He builds and runs properties that are intended to cater to high end clientele, and such people tend to be PC poseurs because they are insulated from the real world and can afford to be. I’m disappointed with the position Trump took on the Flag, but I am not cynical about his campaign. I genuinely think that Trump thinks he would be a good President. I hope the attacks against him by the PC Stormtroopers for his entirely common sense position on immigration wake him up to the true nature of the Beast we are fighting. Defending the Battle Flag is part of that common struggle.

Donald Trump Punished for Anti-Immigration Comments

NBC has announced an end to its business relationship with Donald Trump. It will no longer air the annual “Miss USA” and “Miss Universe” pageants.

This follows Univision’s announcement of the same. (Trump declared he’s suing Univision in retaliation.)

Bruce Fein Writes Bizarre Anti-Flag Rant

This has got to be one of the most bizarre things I have seen regarding the flag flap yet. It is an op-ed in the Washington Times, by Bruce Fein, that suggests that Congress should ban the flying of the Confederate Battle Flag (and other Confederate Flags I presume) on state grounds. It is mostly an explanation of the legal grounds on which this could be done. I don’t dispute the legal analysis, because the legal analysis is the least of the issues. This is very disappointing and surprising coming from Bruce Fein, who is closely associated in my mind with Ron Paul and has been at the forefront of the fight against the Patriot Act and making the case that fast track and the TPP are unconstitutional.

This strikes me as rank PC grandstanding. What I have previously called PC Peacocking. “Hey everyone, look at me! I’m a rightthinker, not one of them dirty ol’ wrongthinkers!” The states have a right to secede. The Confederate states peacefully seceded as was their right. Lincoln was wrong to invade them to “save” the Union. End of story. So is Bruce Fein a “strong compact” guy? Does he deny the right to secede? Or does he concede the right to secede, but just wants to make sure everyone knows he is a rightthinker?

Fein also reinforces the Cultural Marxist narrative, because he reinforces the simplistic morality tale of evil South and virtuous North. What about the slaveholding border states, Bruce? What about Lincoln’s clear expression that he was not going to war to free the slaves but rather to “save” the Union? What about the constitutional amendment Lincoln supported to forever enshrine slavery? So yes, slavery was a cause of secession, but it was not the cause of the War. There was one and only one cause of the War. Lincoln invaded us. No invasion, no war. So why is the Confederate Battle Flag not a “badge and incident” of secession, which is a right to be cherished, instead?

I’m not telling Fein anything he doesn’t know, but these things generally come as a package. People who support the “strong compact” theory usually reject strict “enumerated powers” doctrine and believe in a broad interpretation of the commerce clause, the general welfare clause and the necessary and proper clause. People who support the “loose compact” theory generally reject a broad interpretation of these. So is Fein a strong compact guy but also a strict enumerate powers guy, or is he a loose compact guy as one would assume based on his other positions, but just wants to make sure he inoculates himself against charges of wrongthink because of the crowd he runs with or the other Constitutional positions he takes? You can concede that slavery was a motivating factor in secession without muddling the issue of secession itself or the legal doctrines that generally flow with that. You can also do so without PC Clowning yourself and empowering the Cultural Marxist mindset that scoffs at your whole constitutionally constrained limited government concept because it hinders their leveling schemes.

After Confederate Battle Flag Betrayal, I Will Not be Going “All In” for Donald Trump

In a post below, Hawthorne suggested that I should go “all in” for Trump as the best way to gin up some useful political theater. I was seriously considering it, although I still had some angst about whether or not I should support Rand Paul. Trump is not the best on all the issues, although he is the best on trade deals and building a wall, but he is a generalized “stick a thumb in the eye of the Regime” candidate. That is why I was very disappointed to read that he joined the anti-Confederate Battle Flag PC fest. (I literally crossed my fingers when I Googled to see if he had made a statement, hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed.) I was really hoping he would denounce the hysteria or at least defer to the people of South Carolina on the issue, but he chose to make a definitive statement in support of removing the flag, so I will not be supporting him.

I don’t really blame Trump as much as I do some of the other clowns. He was born in Queens, NY, had a typical American education and has not really been a part of a political milieu where he would learn better, or at least come to understand the sensibilities of some on the issue. Rand Paul and Rick Perry, for example, have no such excuse. But Trump is a fiesty contrarian and those instincts should have at least lead him to bite his tongue on the issue. The two candidates I was considering, Rand and Trump, have let me down. As of now, I have absolutely no one to support in the Republican primary. Unless someone acceptable gets in, I guess it’s time to start looking at who is running for the Constitution Party nomination.

Sadly Rand Paul Goes Full PC on Confederate Battle Flag

This defection hurts more than most of the others. I have been critical of Rand, but I was still considering supporting him and voting for him as the best of a bunch of poor alternatives. He just made that decision easier. I will not vote for a flag turncoat. The Battle Flag is a test of whether or not you will stand up to the PC Rightthink Borg. Rand failed. At least he has relieved me of the angst I was having about whether I should support him out of deference to his father.

Tom Woods Calls Out Jack Hunter on Facebook

Tom Woods posted the following on Facebook. (I don’t know if the Facebook link will be visible to everybody.) Judging by the comments, many people didn’t know who he was talking about, but I knew right away.

One of the worst things to me is the spectacle of people who conveniently “change their minds” when the heat is on, and then look down their noses at those who hold the same views they themselves held 10 minutes earlier. Then they win praise and huzzahs. Well, you can stick your media praise you know where, because you’ll never see me crawling to beg for it.

At some point you have to decide to be a man, and quit pandering and apologizing. (This is not a reference to Rand Paul, in case you thought it was.)

I’m glad Tom Woods did this. He is a person of stature in our circles and broadly respected by most on our side. This has to sting Jack.

WWE Wrestler JBL Needs to Take Off His Cowboy Hat and Put on a Beret

John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) is a WWE wrestler who used to wrestle as the persona of basically a redneck or cowboy from Texas. Now he is primarily an announcer and carries on his most recent wrestling gimmick of being rich and snobby. Apparently he went on a rant on Facebook about the Confederate Battle Flag. He demonstrates his ignorance by calling the War To Prevent Southern Independence, treasonous. JBL, as a Texan, should know better than to make such an armature mistake. Secession is not treason. If it is, then the Brits need to arrest every Scot who voted for independence in their recent election. I didn’t realize that JBL is supposed to be a “conservative” and has a radio program and has appeared on Fox News. Perhaps someone should inform JBL that conservatives are supposed to conserve things. With this, JBL needs to change his gimmick. He can no longer pass as a rich Texan, a J R Ewing type. I think he needs to swap out his cowboy hat for a beret.

The Outrageous PC Orgy to Purge the Confederate Battle Flag

I haven’t had consistent access to a computer recently, and there is A LOT that needs to be posted here that has developed in the last couple of days. My main accesses to the internet has been my phone, but rest assured I have been banging away at the turncoats on Facebook. So pardon the coming barrage of posts. I could cover most of it in a single post with a lot of links, but I want to be able to Tweet the various outrages and bright spots individually.