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The Rooster Ain’t Gonna Die

4497 American soldiers have died in Iraq since 3/19/03. Over 32K wounded.

Donald Trump is not only tough like The Rooster; he doesn’t want to send American soldiers into battle needlessly. Trump is willing to work with Assad & Russia to defeat ISIS, then exit. It is the foreign policy America needs.

America Is in a Proxy War with Itself in Syria: Kurds vs. “moderate” Sunni.

Nevada votes today, and there’s no Microsoft app to help Cruz. Trump should win.

Update: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has a “new” (I just heard of it) book out, The Neoconservative Threat to World Order: Washington’s Perilous War for Hegemony. Apparently it was published October of last year.

Trump: Let Russia Fight ISIS in Syria

We ought to mind our own business and stay out of it, but that said, our Syria policy has never made sense to begin with even form an interventionist standpoint. We (and Syrian Christians I might add) are much better off with Assad in power than we are with the rebels who are fighting him. Trump is right. Let Russia fight ISIS in Syria.

Rubio vs Trump: What is Wrong With Seeking Advice?

One exchange I found interesting last night was when Rubio was scolding Trump for not knowing enough about some details in the Middle East. What is wrong with saying you are going to hire wise advisers and listen to them? A modern President is supposed to be an expert on everything from climate science to vaccines to economics to foreign affairs. This is an absurd expectation, and what it actually does is encourage the regurgitation and reinforcement of the conventional wisdom and boilerplate. Actually, trusting a candidate to surround himself with good people and then wisely filter their advice should be a major quality voters look for in a candidate, not that he be a mile wide and inch deep policy wonk.

Charles C. Johnson Goes After #Cuckservatives

Charles Johnson is an interesting fellow. He is the person behind GotNews and was one of the main people behind blowing open the UVA rape hoax story, for example. He has gotten increasingly edgy with time, as he has been more and more ostracized by the mainstream right, and now writes a weekly (I believe) column at TakiMag. But he is a graduate of Claremont College, and at one point the Jaffaite influence was obvious. And at one point he was an outspoken interventionist. I am very curious if his foreign policy views will evolve in his new more alternative milieu. He perhaps soft-pedals the term cuckservative in this article, but you can’t be familiar with the idea behind cuckservative beyond very superficially without understanding that US foreign policy and the role Israel plays in it are a substantial part of what the term is getting at. So you can’t simultaneously call other conservatives cucks and support an interventionist foreign policy without some serious cognitive dissonance going on. I am very curious to see how this will evolve.

“Non-interventionist” Rand Paul Comes Out Against Iran Deal

Who was it that said that that apple didn’t just fall far from the tree, it fell in a whole ‘nother orchard. From Rand’s Facebook page:

The proposed agreement with Iran is unacceptable for the following reasons:

1) sanctions relief precedes evidence of compliance
2) Iran is left with significant nuclear capacity
3) it lifts the ban on selling advanced weapons to Iran

I will, therefore, vote against the agreement.

While I continue to believe that negotiations are preferable to war, I would prefer to keep the interim agreement in place instead of accepting a bad deal. Please help share this news.

Raimondo on Trump; Hillary Feigns at Populism

Justin Raimondo asks, “Donald Trump: A False Flag Candidate?

The right-libertarian’s question is understandable considering Trump’s aggressive foreign policy and ties to the Clintons. Also, Trump, like every other candidate, must pander to the Israel lobby (and military-industrial complex), which wants war. Even Rand Paul panders to Israel.

Trump did, however, oppose Dubya’s Iraq War. So, there is hope.

Repeatedly it’s said Trump is incapable of winning the Republican nomination. Who then is better?

Trump is popular, because he’s the only candidate who speaks for Middle America. Without him, we’re better off with a Democrat (to rally against). Additionally, if Trump truly cannot win, his presence at least forces legitimate populist concerns into the debate.

Whom now does Raimondo support? Is he back with Rand Paul? Paul has been busy supporting marijuana legalisation… Talk about fitting a stereotype, appearing like a false-flag.

Because no Republican, aside from Trump, defends Middle America, Hillary has filled the gap. Like Obama, she’ll talk the talk, but she’ll walk in the opposite direction. Why would a Democrat reduce the wealth gap anyway, if the wealth gap itself provides Democrats with votes and serves donor interests? To be clear, if the US middle class were large, Americans would have no need for Democrats.

We see a repeating trend of Democrats feigning to be populists. It wins elections. Democrats never serve the American worker, but they do win his vote.

Hillary is also a war hawk.

It’s perhaps noteworthy that no minorities are leading Democratic contenders (Clinton, Sanders, Biden). So, there’s no Obama to rally against as America’s demographic transformation concludes. Raimondo’s shocked at Trump’s “racism”, but in truth Trump hasn’t said anything remotely “racist”, was only taken out of context. As America becomes more diverse though, racial identity will grow in political importance.

Pat Buchanan Schools Sean Hannity on Iran

Watch the video linked here. It also has a transcript.

PAT BUCHANAN: Listen to the American head of intelligence. He says Iran does not have a bomb program as of 2013. Secondly if they start building a bomb, we will know it. Third, Iran has made some concessions there are not enough that makes them less able to go –

SEAN HANNITY: Go back to 2012 when we found out they were far more advanced in the nuclear production and program than we ever thought was possible. That’s what Obama’s own government said.

PAT BUCHANAN: You’re friend Bibi’s been talking about Iran getting a bomb since 1992. In 2006 he said they’ll be building 25 bombs by the end of the decade. Are they? No.

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