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Does Rich Lowry Not Understand Irony?

It is the height of irony for low-T manlet Rich Lowry to talk about anyone cutting off anyone’s testicles. Based on all the available evidence, Rich Lowry’s have never even descended. Perhaps Rich Lowry should avoid this type of imagery.

However, it is interesting that Lowry would adopt language and imagery that is usually employed against mainstreamers by their alt-right nemeses. I think they are clearly getting to him.

Quin Hillyer Calls on Jeb Bush to Drop Out to Help Deflate Trump

We’ve had our dealings with Mr. Hillyer before at American Spectator. He’s pro-intervention and was anti-Ron Paul. Here he calls on Bush to drop out so as to take away one of the main things behind Trump’s surge. This is just too much fun. My support for Trump, despite significant policy differences, is looking more and more justified and prescient each day.

The Comment Section on This NRO Article is One for the Ages

Some hack intern at National Review named Ian Tuttle wrote a whiny piece about all the ‘White Nationalists” supporting Trump, and the comment section erupted into an epic battle. At the time of this writing there were 2505 comments and that is apparently with a whole lot of deletions. Off course the NRO regulars are crying out for comment censorship, indicating their fear of actual engagement. Much better an echo chamber.

Donald Devine on the Trump Phenomenon

Despite the potentially unflattering title, there is a lot of wisdom in this article. I’m not surprised because Donald Devine is generally paleo friendly, and he didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the title anyway.

Political analyst Tom Charles Huston predicts the establishment Republican presidential candidates will sputter—Trump quipped Jeb Bush puts his audiences to sleep—and the business “donor class” elite will desert them, happy to support Hillary or Joe Biden to advance their crony capitalism rather than moving to a conservative with an edge who might be able to confront Trump—and them.

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Donald Trump and His Enemies

Here is an excellent article on “Donald Trump and His Enemies.” It’s from American Thinker. I’m actually a little surprised it got past the editorial crew there, as they tend to be on the neocon side.

I doubt very much that Trump will actually become president.  But Trump’s appeal to the masses out in “Real America” comes from the fact that he is the little boy shouting “The Emperor has no clothes!” at the top of his lungs while the elite flatterers and sycophants who hate him are writing glowing reviews of the Emperor’s new suit.

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The Stooge Quotient

I have come up with a useful new metric. It is a measure of how much time Republicans and ostensible conservatives spend criticizing and feigning outrage about Trump vs. criticizing Democrats and Establishment Republicans. It is expressed as a ratio. For example 2:1. I call it the stooge quotient. Expressed in a sentence: “Man, did you see S.E. Cupp on CNN today? Her stooge quotient was off the charts.”