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Spinning Roanoke

Some of our moral and intellectual superiors are trying to convince us the underlying cause of the execution of two Roanoke journalists is an abstract thing called “gun violence.” Others argue it’s bigger than that – it’s actually an unfortunate example of “workplace violence”:

UC Haas School of Business professor Jo-Ellen Pozner says one possible key to addressing workplace violence is to find ways to address employees’ mental health and wellness.

“It seems clear that there was an emotional, mental health issue going on here and that’s I think the key to figuring out how to deal with these things in the workplace,” Pozner said, “I think there’s a public policy question there that we need to address in a larger level, that’s less about workplace violence and more about the violence in our society today.”

This isn’t just nonsense, but dangerous nonsense. Vester Flanagan hated Whites, and was convinced Whites conspired to hold him back and demean him out of racial hate. He was so obsessed with his delusions of racial persecution that anything could set him off, as one ex-coworker commented:

‘We would say stuff like, “The reporter’s out in the field.” And he would look at us and say, “What are you saying, cotton fields? That’s racist”.’

‘We’d be like, “What?’ We all know what that means, but he took it as cotton fields, and therefore we’re all racists.’

Fair added: ‘This guy was a nightmare. ‘Management’s worst nightmare.’

I’ll bet there are thousands more just like him. People like Flanagan constantly hear warnings that Whites are holding them back and oppressing them. That’s the drumbeat you hear from the Social Justice Warriors, antifa thugs, newspaper editors, and race hustlers. According to these prophets of doom, even Whites who appear helpful and supportive are still responsible for something called “institutional racism” that silently and secretly prevents Blacks from getting ahead. White success, on the other hand, is assured by another malevolent and unseen force called “White privilege.” So Vester Flanagan only struck back at those who exerted their mysterious and detrimental power over him.

The gatekeepers of approved thought who bloviated that the Charleston murders were caused by a memorial to Southern war dead are now scrambling to assure us it wasn’t anything THEY said that fueled Vester Flanagan’s hatred of Whites.

So Now Rare Has Gone Feminist

“Rare Liberty” posted a link to this story on Facebook with the caption “Go ladies.”

So I guess Rare is feminist now. It would conform to their PC trend. Christian morality, tradition and chivalry dictate that women should not serve in combat positions, nor be crammed into small quarters with a bunch of men. Rare sounds like a bunch of juvenile social justice warriors on tumblr, not a serious conservative/libertarian site.

Donald Devine on the Trump Phenomenon

Despite the potentially unflattering title, there is a lot of wisdom in this article. I’m not surprised because Donald Devine is generally paleo friendly, and he didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the title anyway.

Political analyst Tom Charles Huston predicts the establishment Republican presidential candidates will sputter—Trump quipped Jeb Bush puts his audiences to sleep—and the business “donor class” elite will desert them, happy to support Hillary or Joe Biden to advance their crony capitalism rather than moving to a conservative with an edge who might be able to confront Trump—and them.

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Donald Trump and His Enemies

Here is an excellent article on “Donald Trump and His Enemies.” It’s from American Thinker. I’m actually a little surprised it got past the editorial crew there, as they tend to be on the neocon side.

I doubt very much that Trump will actually become president.  But Trump’s appeal to the masses out in “Real America” comes from the fact that he is the little boy shouting “The Emperor has no clothes!” at the top of his lungs while the elite flatterers and sycophants who hate him are writing glowing reviews of the Emperor’s new suit.

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The Stooge Quotient

I have come up with a useful new metric. It is a measure of how much time Republicans and ostensible conservatives spend criticizing and feigning outrage about Trump vs. criticizing Democrats and Establishment Republicans. It is expressed as a ratio. For example 2:1. I call it the stooge quotient. Expressed in a sentence: “Man, did you see S.E. Cupp on CNN today? Her stooge quotient was off the charts.”

Glenn Beck Won’t Support Trump if He is the Republican Nominee

Hmmm… So I guess this pledging fidelity to the party thing only works one way. When did Beck become such an Establishment stooge? I thought he was run off from Fox because he was too much of a free agent and didn’t hew close enough to the party line. Now he’s running interference for the ruling class. Someone must have something on him.

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