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A Belated Acknowledgement of Sanctity of Life Sunday

Yesterday was Sanctity of Life Sunday. Did your church acknowledge it? Sorry that I didn’t mention it yesterday. Sanctity of Life Sunday is always the Sunday before (or closest to?) the anniversary of Infanticidal Mother vs. Wade, which is 22 Feb.

I kinda like Infanticidal Mother vs. Wade. I just thought of it. I think we should try to make it a thing, a meme as the young whippersnappers say.

Ben Carson Praises Candidate for Caving on Abortion

This story is a little old, but it’s news to me. It’s pretty clear that Carson is gearing up for a run for President. This may hurt him with the stalwart pro-life crowd. Wehby is not finessing or nuancing the issue. She’s just plain ol’ caving. The whole “I’m personally pro-life, but politically pro-choice,” is one of the oldest pro-choice lines in the book, frequently used by liberal Catholics. There is nothing new or “savvy” about it at all.

Hat tip: Tom Hoefling