More Ghosts of Waco

Mike McNulty made two important documentaries during the 1990s on the siege and massacre at Waco. The first documentary, Rules of Engagement, was up for an Oscar; it was attacked by both the Patriot Right and the State, suggesting it might be worth seeing. His follow up, A New Revelation, entered proof of the State firing on the Davidians including shots from Lon Horiuchi. Two additional items, the presence of Delta Force at Waco, and the role Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster played in the massacre were documented.

When the State finally set up a slightly more independent investigatory body, headed by Senator John Danforth, an Episcopalian minister, McNulty was a thorn in his side, turning his FLIR material over to the investigation. The lead expert, Carlos Ghigliotti, died.

McNulty last made the news cycle suggesting a new project, one that would target Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. Mike McNulty passed away last week Feb 24-25.  (Update: Feb 20th.)

In entirely unrelated news in Missouri Republican Gubernatorial politics, Tom Schweich, who was to challenge for the Republican Governor’s nomination, and who had alleged anti-Semitism from the Missouri State GOP last November, committed suicide on Feb. 26

Prior to becoming a Missouri state civil servant/politician, Schweich had worked on anti-drug policy in Afghanistan (i.e. managing the drug trade); before that he worked for Senator Danforth in the UN, and before that, he helped Senator Danforth’s Waco investigation.

Just a juxtaposition, not an insinuation that this has anything to do with a possible Hillary Clinton, or another Bush, campaign.

Rest in peace, Mike McNulty.

6 thoughts on “More Ghosts of Waco

  1. hawthornecht Post author

    Linda Thompson was the original Waco “entrepeneur”; if you don’t recall her Waco videos (which are free on-line) then certainly you recall the Clinton Death List. Linda came out of the American Patriot Fax Network (fax!) in the pre-Internet days. She would link up with Carol Valentine and amongst others, wondered who this McNulty guy was, with no background in documentaries. Linda was feuding with Soldier of Fortune magazine at the time over certain claims (SoF being in the world of PATCON) but was generally curious about Waco. It was thought McNulty got funding from that world. However, when McNulty kept pushing and learned about Delta Force, well, covering that up seemed to be the whole SoF rasion d’etre and McNutly “outgrew” them.

    This lead me to think McNulty was worth following as a sort of tweener, if more on the side of the good guys.

    Carol Valentine’s criticism of the McNulty videos can be found here:


  2. roho

    It’s all dirty………Like Americans thinking that it was divine intervention that our Aircraft Carriers were not at Pearl during the attack. General Patton was accidently killed in a car wreck. Admiral Forrestal jumped to his death at the Naval Hospital. JFK was killed by a lone gunman. And WTC 7 fell out of fear?…………………The hits just keep on coming.

    That Opium in Afghanistan is Contra Cocaine 2.0…………….But, we can talk it another day.


  3. roho

    “Afghan Opium Harvest At Record High”.

    Black Opps have always been there. The CIA & NSA simply needs more money than Congress will fund, and congress need not know what they are doing with it?………So, they operate worldwide, illegal, criminal enterprises, that sometimes compete with other drug cartels, and sometimes work hand in hand with other drug cartels. By working hand in hand with the CFR and Pentagon, US soldiers sometimes become the muscle for them. (In the name of winning hearts and minds.) Pallets of cash were flown into both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The good news is: Cash can’t be eliminated because criminals don’t like paper trails. 🙂


  4. roho

    The DC Elitist are so convinced that “Fly Over” Country is so busy keeping up with the “Kardashians”, that they have no time to research something as old as Ruby Ridge or Waco?………..Wrong!……….The more people are disenfranchised in society, the more time that they have to research things. When people/citizens go from working 48 hours a week, and consumer addiction, they slow down and ask “What Happened?”………They turn to the internet and information houses to explain why they are in debt to college loans with no prospect of a job?………….They see the “Old School Journalism” that has become nothing more than a regurgitator of “Special Interests Propaganda”!……..They see the fact that Bibi Netanyahu shouts “IRAN WILL GET THE BOMB!”, yet, even the head of the Massad, say’s that Iran is not even trying to build a bomb? (Sorry FOX….Even Israeli Intelligence disagrees with the Likudnics.)

    But, as Ron Paul said, “There is blowback”?…………….What is blowback?………..Timothy McVey. How many Timothy McVey’s are out there in 2015?…….Everybody don’t commit suicide. I’m betting that their are HUNDREDS!…….Maybe THOUSANDS!………And NSA don’t know who they are, anymore than Britain knows who will join ISIS this month?

    And, they ain’t happy with being bull-shitted?



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