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Michael Collins Piper Has Passed Away

I first heard rumbling that Michael Collins Piper had passed away on Facebook, but when I did an internet search nothing came up. Apparently it is true, but there is still not a lot of news on it. MCP was a controversial figure because of his alleged antisemitism and conspiracy theorizing, but his passing is worth noting because he was a not insignificant figure in certain segments of the alternative right.

Thomas Fleming Retires from Rockford Institute/Chronicles Magazine, Starts the Fleming Foundation

Well, this is seismic news in the paleosphere. Thomas Fleming posted this on his Facebook page:

As a few of my friends are aware, I am very recently retired from The Rockford Institute and Chronicles magazine. With my former colleague, I have started an organization known as The Fleming Foundation. We have thrown up a very crude website posting our mission and publishing commentaries. Check out Fleming.Foundation. You can also be put on our email list either on our website or replying to me here.

Here is the link to the new website. (Yeah, there is no .com or .org. Weird.)

Reading between the lines in the comments on his Facebook page, this retirement was not planned. This puts CHT in an awkward position. We have always been friendly with Dr. Fleming and with new Rockford Institute President Tom Piatak, and wish to remain so with both. (We don’t even know that there is any bad blood, just that the retirement was not planned.) We are just reporting the news here, and are not taking sides. We foresee patronizing both sites, and remaining friendly with all involved.

Read the Welcome Message at the FF website. It returns to a similar theme that Dr. Fleming has stated before, that America is in terminal decline and politics is not going to save us.

Conservative Heritage Times Site Issues

As many of our readers have likely figured out, our old URL has expired and no longer redirects here. If you want to come here you have to go directly to the WordPress site We are currently deciding whether we want to renew the old URL since we no longer host the site there. For now, please visit the site by coming directly to our WordPress site, and please pass the word to your friends.

CHT Comment Policy

It has long been the policy of CHT to allow the comment threads to go whichever way they will, and to not moderate comments based on political positions. It would be hypocritical for us to exercise a heavy hand with comment moderation when we frequently complain about thought policing by the PC cops or about ideology enforcement at some “conservative” sites.

That said, there is a difference between moderating comments because we disagree with them, vs. moderating them because they are deliberately offensive or crude. As trad cons, we should adhere to traditional ideas about civility and good manners. We should strive to be gentlemen and our site should reflect gentlemanly decorum. Without being specific, it should not be difficult to figure out what is meant and intended by this standard.

While it should go without saying that the comments here do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of this blog or its bloggers, it is still the case that comments can reflect poorly on a site if they get out of control.

I [Red] understand trolling as a strategy, and sometimes it is an effective approach, but I don’t think it is as across the board effective as some people believe it is, because a lot of people don’t pick up on it right away. If trolling is not easily identified as trolling, then how does it have its intended effect? In those cases it just ticks people off and seems to me designed more to amuse the troller than to shake up and move the people being trolled.

If someone is trolling people in some IMDB forum (where I see it a lot), for example, then the purpose is to amuse the troller and to make the trollee look silly. But if someone is doing it at a political site it is more likely that he is attempting to make some sort of political point. I think it is important to assess how effective that strategy is and where it can be best employed and not just resort to it as a default.

Update: I will also add that the editorial policy we have generally practiced at CHT is to let the post author moderate his own threads. This is to make the delegation of labor clear, but also reflects that different authors might have different levels of tolerance for different things. My [Red] preferred method is generally to modify the comment and leave an editor’s comment that I did so, rather than to delete the comment entirely.

We have a new URL

If you haven’t noticed (you were probably directed here from the old URL –, CHT now has new URL:

There were a number of reasons for this change, some of which were the constant malware / virus problems at the old URL.  We shouldn’t have these problems now.

A few pieces of housekeeping:

(1) If you were getting email notices of our posts, you will have to re-subscribe (see the “Follow Blog By Email” tab at the bottom of the right sidebar).

(2) All of our posts will now automatically be posted to Twitter, so make sure you’re following us: @ConservTimes

(3) Over the next week or two, we should be updating our archives here with the archives from the old site, although some of the more recent posts from the old site are probably irretrievable.