The Strange New World of Chris Ruddy Revisited

Chris Ruddy was a tabloid reporter running the populist Democrat angle at the NY Post who was encouraged, allegedly by Reed Irvine, to pursue the death of Vincent Foster.  After a few articles, Reed got cold feet and quit the search, while others continued hot pursuit–and Ruddy saw his star rising.

CIA operative and benefactor, Richard Mellon Scaife, offered to privately fund Ruddy’s pursuit of the Foster case and soon, ‘NewsMax’ was born, and Ruddy had a book published.  With many competitors in the Vince Foster investigation, Ruddy attempted to find his own niche, a focus on a wine (or wine cooler–again, memory fades) bottle found near the body that Ruddy suggested might have contained poison as well as an argument about where the body was actually found.

When Patrick Knowlton, a witness at Fort Marcy Park who went against the government line, complained of harassment from various enforcers he thought was government, he hired an attorney who pursued recourse.  This is when Ruddy broke the narrative and questioned the motives of Knowlton’s attorney.  Ruddy’s main interest, it seemed was to keep a raw partisan view on the Foster case.

And so, it came with only a passingly strange a-hem, that Chris Ruddy is donating $1 million to a Clinton Foundation.

6 thoughts on “The Strange New World of Chris Ruddy Revisited

  1. redphillips

    Well this is interesting. So Ruddy might have been a plant all along or maybe he is one of these ex-conservatives who gets remorse like David Brock. Does Ruddy still run Newsmax?


  2. hawthornecht Post author

    Plant is too strong. If you look at narratives, things get started in case they are needed* to help with management, when the event might arise that management is required, and Scaife was working both sides of the Vince Foster angle–at AmSpec (who trashed Vince Foster theories) and then with Ruddy and Farah at Western Journalism Center who did the Foster was murdered side–maybe just a Scaife dream of media drama and nothing more. I do wonder how Ruddy got that kind of money, and then the whole thing stinks. It is interesting that Ambrose Pritchard, a decent Tory man, was a fan of Ruddy’s which suggests Ruddy had some seriousness.

    * The strange case of Harvard grad, David Hoggan and his World War II thesis is a good example of this phenomenon.


  3. redphillips

    A few months ago I got drug down the rabbit hole of Vince Foster when I was looking into some of the Bill Clinton rape allegations. There were two initially anonymous guys who were later outed that seemed the most on top of the case.

    I have always felt that the biggest problem with default anti-conspiracy phobia is that it makes the likelihood of the government committing a conspiracy greater because they know there will always be a default group of apologist who deny the possibility out of hand. But the irrational nature of the the default conspiracy crowd makes them easy to manipulate. This creates a perfect situation for mischief.


  4. roho

    The WH is for sale………Nothing more than a part time “Gubmint” Job………..Lucky to get 8 years, maybe 4 instead. Always remember these truths:

    1. At the end of a game of “Monopoly”, you can celebrate, but the bank actually won and still has more money than you and the other players combined.

    2. You can electronically vote all you want, but like Las Vegas slot machines, the people did not program the machine.

    3. FDR even said, “Nothing happens by fate, and all is planed.” (Do you really think that the US Government is going to allow ignorant citizens to make decisions at the polls?)

    Unfortunately, Vince Foster was in love with Hillary, stupid to the ambitions of a political couple with an open marriage, and died an idiot……..Ron Brown would later die, as a result of not understanding that “YOU CAN’T GET OUT ONCE YOU GET IN”.

    Bill Clinton and Poppy Bush are like Dad & Son, working for the same elite.



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