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2012 Constitution Party Nominee, Virgil Goode, Joins Trump Campaign Team!

Virgil Goode, former Congressman and 2012 Constitution Party Presidential nominee, is now part of Trump’s campaign team in Virginia. What was that about Trump not being conservative enough? I had some differences with Goode, but he always got the immigration issue.

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UFC Original Pat Miletich Endorses Rand Paul

I point out when cool people endorse Trump, so in the interest of fairness, I’ll pass this along. Old school UFC fighter Pat Miletich has endorsed Rand Paul. There is even Rand Paul Pat Miletich gear if you so desire. Cool pick-up from the state of Iowa for Rand. I guess not all the tough guys are endorsing Trump, just most of them. 😉

Paul Ryan is a Disaster Already

Paul Ryan is already turning into a disaster as Speaker of the House. The “conservative” Republicans that voted for him, can’t say I didn’t warn them. See here, and here. Here are a few links illustrating the point.

Beltway insiders are happy with Ryan for standing up to the right.

Says he won’t support cuts in Muslim immigration.

Laughs at Trump’s immigration plan.

The Real Reason Ronda Rousey Lost

I see a lot of people are attributing Ronda Rousey’s loss to the karma associated with her recent endorsement of Bernie Sanders, but this is not the case. It’s really karma for her accepting the Patrick Swayze role in the remake of Road House (something I vehemently denounced here at CHT), the cosmic implications of which are much more significant. That kick to the head was the cosmos’ way of saying “You ain’t no James Dalton, so stop frontin’.”

Moulding a New Duality – Against ISIS?

When Raimondo, the Rothbardian libertarian, calls for “quarantine”; the situation is serious.

Raimondo writes:

Let the savages of the Middle East stew in their own blood-soaked juice. Let us shore up our defenses, and treat ISIS as we would an outbreak of bubonic plague: by quarantining the entire region. Our answer to the War Party must be unafraid and unequivocal: No, not now, not ever again!

Wow! And he’s absolutely right. In fact, I believe Raimondo is always right when it comes to foreign affairs. Domestic affairs, are another topic (so his reputation isn’t tainted with my views).

This “invade-the-world invite-the-world” policy of flooding our lands with the former inhabitants of the very societies we bomb is a recipe for creating domestic terrorism. Which side of the “War on Terror” are our governments on?

I’m no political expert like Raimondo, but from what I’ve seen the greatest damage to the West has been from these dualities. We’re told to pick a side, Republican or Democrat, Capitalist or Socialist, White Supremacist or Anti-white Globalist, and so forth.

There’s never a place for thought. We’re told to grow angry and to pick a side. Any who do otherwise are labeled derisively as “moderate” or “less principled”. Yet, the conservative is supposed to be prudent and to draw his position from First Things: particular ties, faith, duty.

And so, I fear we’re headed for a new duality: Islamism vs. Secular Humanism. For myself, I’m going to remain a paleoconservative. I say to end the conflict, remove troops and bases from the Middle East, and expel all Muslims from Western lands. And to strengthen the West, there’s need for a return to Christ and a return to tradition and heritage. Since such a position fits into neither side of the duality, I expect I’ll be labeled yet again with “moderate” status.

The positive of being such an outcast is the paleo is equally unwelcomed in both camps and can often enter to make destabilising arguments. It’s frequently the case that, from the paleo perspective, both sides share many similarities. For example, the term “libertarian-socialist” is now a thing within paleodom. And just as ISIS destroys archaeological treasures and national ties, the secular humanist would also like to destroy such “irrational” and “backward” remnants, to make way for a “rational” “progressive” future. Perhaps the term “secular humanist-Islamist” will become a thing.

Chuck Baldwin: Marco Rubio Is Glen Tomarchio

I have not seen Jericho, but I love this reference:

On a personal note, I cannot help but notice the similarities between Marco Rubio and President Glen Tomarchio of the “Allied States of America” as depicted in the TV show “Jericho” (2006-2008). Both were U.S. Senators before running for President. Both are young and charismatic. And even their names are eerily similar. Interestingly enough, in that show, the newly-formed “Allied States of America” was clearly depicted as being nothing more than a front organization for multinational corporations and President Tomarchio as being nothing more than a puppet for those same corporations. Wow! No wonder CBS had to yank “Jericho” from the network in spite of its huge popularity. Marco Rubio is the living, breathing Glen Tomarchio. And, with the help of Paul Ryan, Tomarchio—I mean Rubio—will indeed turn the United States of America into a Constitutionless “Allied States of America.”

Analogies like this are potentially powerful.

I’ve never myself understood the aspiration of Constitution-defenders since it seems almost a technicality how the US today rejects the Constitution. Legal scholars declare the Constitution is indeed obeyed, no matter what is done; and Americans just accept that as true.

However, Donald Trump aims to uphold American interests, as opposed to corporate interests. And I can understand and support that. Big Business & Socialism vs. Trump & America.

Prostitution Popular Among British Med Students

I’m no libertarian, but I do know government spending can easily become wasteful. Offer free tuition, and it will do some good while quite likely introducing abuse and a lengthening of the time required to complete an education.

A free market could perhaps produce sufficiently skilled computer programs and plumbers, for example.

However, medical school is expensive, and it is desired that the best quality citizens receive the most valuable training, such as medical training. A society that excludes medical training based on wealth rather than ability will be less likely to produce good doctors.

But I never dreamed that British females would resort to prostitution to pay their way! Here though is a report on just such a phenomenon:

An increasing portion of students in the United Kingdom looking for a way to pay for their tuition are turning to prostitution, according to a new paper by a British medical student.

The problem may be particularly acute among medical students, who generally go to school longer, accrue more debt and have less time for paid employment, according to the paper by Jodi Dixon, who is studying at the University of Birmingham.

That is just shocking. The thought of a rich, bald-headed investment banker paying an innocent 20-something for a sexual act is outrageous. My first instinct is to call for the death penalty!

I submit that while our societies are becoming increasingly nontraditional, increasingly diverse, increasingly corporate, and thus increasingly incapable of governing; perhaps there is a place in some societies for further government-subsidised education.

I know much of the added university expense in the US today comes from the funding of poor students. Basically, in the US, you’re either receiving aid or you’re paying for another’s aid. And our schools are filled with foreign students, while Americans are pushed aside. I have little knowledge of the British university system, however.

To continue on the previous article theme though, I say we stand up to the Social Justice Warrior bullies and uphold the interests of British citizens! If Britain cared for the British, France cared for the French, and America cared for Americans; we might actually reach something near to utopia. If it’s “racist” to care for one’s own, then dare to be racist! Someone must take a stand for what’s morally right. British belles should not be resorting to prostitution.

Rob Lowe Is One of the Good Guys

If you want to see just how fallen modern man is, express a politically incorrect thought, or worse, tweet one!

In response to the horrific Paris bombings, which would never have been possible without foreign mass colonisation, Rob Lowe tweeted, “Oh NOW France closes its borders.” Expect a groveling apology tomorrow.

As punishment, Lowe has been bullied and essentially dehumanised. Lowe is called an “atrocious human being”, “Lowe by name, low by nature”, “You are making the world worse”, etc. etc.

For the enlightened modern man, those who express thought crime are subhuman and deserving of verbal, economic, and perhaps even physical punishment. Forgiveness for such crimes is never given (unless the perpetrator is higher up the diversity scale: black lesbians are never held to account). Nevertheless, a humiliating apology is expected, to ensure no others dare repeat such mistake.

To the modern, only Social Justice Warriors are moral. Any who speak against the invasion of Europe couldn’t possibly love Europe, love his people, love a true sense of diversity of nations. No, no, such rebels are selfish, hating, and generally Eevil!

Well, as yet it is not illegal to post the following:

Those who say France should be for the French are the good guys! It is perfectly moral to reject mass invasion by foreign peoples, and there is no reason to believe a large global empire would be more benevolent than would a tiny society that minds its own business and its own people.

I doubt Rob Lowe holds even this decent opinion of mine though. Likely tomorrow he’ll explain how he dislikes Muslims for all the right reasons: They reject Social Justice Warrior values! And his only dream in life is to build a Social Justice Warrior utopia, preferably one that isn’t so icky white.

I ask though, would Koreans or Israelis resisting the colonisation and subjugation of their homelands be similarly vilified? Or perhaps standards are different when applied to Europeans?

I say, it is the Social Justice Warriors who hate. They hate real humanity, the humanity of nations, tribes, clans, families, and indeed faiths and states.

Who Needs JK Rowling? We have Tolkien and Lewis

The Harry Potter series has been overwhelmingly popular. Each new book sold millions of copies, more than does a new book by the great Pat Buchanan.

However, despite a complete lack of evidence in her books, Rowling is now taking the winning side of history by adding in politically popular ideas.

Most controversially, Rowling has declared Dumbledore homosexual, which for a parent raises fears of pedophilia. No, it is not noble to place one’s vulnerable offspring at the risk of such abuse in the spirit of a great social experiment.

And Rowling has said the school was more multicultural than is evident in her books. The appeal of Harry Potter is its Britishness and indeed culture. While the rest of the world becomes secular and monotonous, Harry Potter was filled with magic and particularities. I would similarly find a samurai fantasy book boring if it included an African Animalist and an Arab Muslim. Samurai are supposed to be Japanese, or at least Ainu.

I love the high fantasy genre, but I never got into Harry Potter beyond a brief reading. This continuing fiasco underscores for me how truly valuable good fantasy work can be. Really, we might have all the high fantasy we need as a people.

For younger teenagers, CS Lewis’s Narnia and Tolkien’s The Hobbit.
For older teenagers, Tolkien’s LotR & The Silmarillion
For young adults, CS Lewis’s Space Trilogy
For a mature audience, CS Lewis’s Till We Have Faces

With Rowling we get popular positioning, but with Tolkien we have wonderful essays like this one over at The Imaginative Conservative. Surfing the Internet brings up endless articles, even hobbit houses, returns to a peasant-like existence! The tales are written and in a sense, perhaps, thusly dead. But in a sense they very much live!

Apparently Tolkien and Lewis were both influenced by the great GK Chesterton. I think I’ll spend my leisure time reading the rest of what Imaginative Conservative has to offer rather than reading new fantasy works (it takes little time to read a Mike Tuggle story), but in conclusion I say: We don’t need Rowling.