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Quote of the day

“Like all civil liberties people, I encounter difficulties in defending the rights of Communists who themselves repudiate freedom of speech, press and assemblage, and do everything they can to deprive others of those rights.” Upton Sinclair, who could be talking about Morris Dees, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, and other modern-day totalitarians.

Find the scariest headline!

Pretend you’re a staff writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Which of the following headlines from around the world would you pick for your latest post? Remember, you’re an employee of a professional fearmonger, so choose carefully:

Muslim Militants Kill 147 Students in Kenya

Two Muslim Women arrested for bombing plot in New York

Muslim Terrorists behead 40 people with chainsaws

Well, if you picked any of the above headlines in order to frighten potential donors enough to contribute to the SPLC, you just don’t have what it takes to work for Morris Dees. Sorry to have to break the news to you. Below is the kind of headline that makes the SPLC’s Hatewatch:

European and American Racists Set To Gather In Belgium

The SPLC post that follows that headline is chock-full of lurid, chill-inducing details of what these eeeevil “Racists” plan to do at their planned meeting: There will be “speeches” to foster “bridge-building” they hope will promote their horrible goals, such as the “survival interests of the German people.”

Yikes! I don’t know about you, but reading the above just sent a shiver down my spine. But then, the SPLC is a professional organization. They know how to terrify their readers better than Stephen King.