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Teamsters Betray Trump, Endorse Hillary

Teamsters Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Teamsters have the audacity to say Hillary “I will raise taxes on the middle class” Clinton would be best for the middle class. Yet Trump is the guy running against the “elite”, meaning largely against the wealthy. And his support base is Middle America.

Because the Teamsters support the Keystone Pipeline, it was thought they might endorse Donald Trump. But there’s more to it. Trump’s entire platform is built around expanding the middle class, growing America’s economy.

To highlight: Hillary has praised TPP numerous times. It is only Donald Trump (and Bernie) who made trade into an issue, and Trump has been talking on trade for decades.

Teamsters surely know that Hillary will not veto Obama’s three trade deals.

Jim Webb Jr. Will Vote for Trump

From Breitbart:

Webb’s son, interestingly enough, just told the Washington Post that he is voting for Donald Trump.

“I think there’s a pretty sour taste in a lot of guys’ mouths about Iraq and about what happened there,” Jim Webb Jr., a Marine veteran and Webb’s son—who is also a Trump supporter—told the Washington Post.

The Post cast Webb’s son’s comments in the light of him praising Trump’s vow to end nation-building type of foreign policy that Republicans drove under the Bush administration. While Trump’s vows to steer clear of establishment status quo type foreign policy has cost him a handful of votes among GOP elites in Washington, D.C., so the thinking goes, it has won him many more actual voters across America in places like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina—and potentially even New York state.

And also Obama’s 3 trade deals (TPP, TTIP, TISA) are significant, angering Democrats as well as Republicans. Check out EOC’s latest.

Hopefully Trump can pull this off.

Meanwhile, Hillary thinks racism and Russia are behind all opposition to the moneyed elite. You’re either with Hillary, or you’re a racist commie… And according to Zerohedge, it sounds like Soros really is after Putin, also behind open-borders. Both revelations surprise absolutely no one.

And we might be on the verge of WWIII. Hopefully Trump speaks out against this. He took a gamble in the SC primary, and it is hoped he will once again take a gamble here: Condemn the warmongers Mr. Trump!

The Case for Border Adjusted Federal Tax Reform via the Business Transfer Tax


David A. Hartman, Chairman
The Lone Star Foundation

That’s the gold standard on trade. I don’t believe Cruz’s plan is quite as good, because I don’t believe Cruz includes rebates. I could be mistaken. With such high levels of taxation, a flat tax is otherwise overly hard on the working poor. While low taxes are ideal, a large middle class is also ideal. Otherwise, voters will demand more government redistribution of wealth. Trump is wonderful in part because he protects the middle class and aims to grow the US economy. Voters must be kept happy.

Trump should consider adopting part of Hartman’s plan. I’m not saying Trump needs to adopt this exactly, but he could one-up Cruz with some part of this superior plan, superior to Cruz’s.

For those who don’t know: Chronicles generally has the best proposals. And I believe I first saw Hartman’s proposal there. Modern Age is also good.

Update: I suppose combined with a progressive income tax, as Trump would do, there’s no need for rebates.

I was just surprised to realise Cruz has the best protectionist trade policy. I already knew this was Cruz’s policy, but it hadn’t computed. I don’t trust Cruz though since Trump has longer been a trade protectionist. Cruz seemed to adopt this after noticing how popular Trump had become.

Pat Buchanan on TPP

Pat gets it, as usual. Trade matters to the GOP base.

“They’re 100 percent behind these trade deals, because it frees up these corporations to move their factories abroad, their plants abroad, and send their goods back to the United States free of charge,” he said. “So, the de-industrialization of America is to the benefit of these corporations, because they can produce far more cheaply outside the United States than they can here.”

Raimondo on Trump; Hillary Feigns at Populism

Justin Raimondo asks, “Donald Trump: A False Flag Candidate?

The right-libertarian’s question is understandable considering Trump’s aggressive foreign policy and ties to the Clintons. Also, Trump, like every other candidate, must pander to the Israel lobby (and military-industrial complex), which wants war. Even Rand Paul panders to Israel.

Trump did, however, oppose Dubya’s Iraq War. So, there is hope.

Repeatedly it’s said Trump is incapable of winning the Republican nomination. Who then is better?

Trump is popular, because he’s the only candidate who speaks for Middle America. Without him, we’re better off with a Democrat (to rally against). Additionally, if Trump truly cannot win, his presence at least forces legitimate populist concerns into the debate.

Whom now does Raimondo support? Is he back with Rand Paul? Paul has been busy supporting marijuana legalisation… Talk about fitting a stereotype, appearing like a false-flag.

Because no Republican, aside from Trump, defends Middle America, Hillary has filled the gap. Like Obama, she’ll talk the talk, but she’ll walk in the opposite direction. Why would a Democrat reduce the wealth gap anyway, if the wealth gap itself provides Democrats with votes and serves donor interests? To be clear, if the US middle class were large, Americans would have no need for Democrats.

We see a repeating trend of Democrats feigning to be populists. It wins elections. Democrats never serve the American worker, but they do win his vote.

Hillary is also a war hawk.

It’s perhaps noteworthy that no minorities are leading Democratic contenders (Clinton, Sanders, Biden). So, there’s no Obama to rally against as America’s demographic transformation concludes. Raimondo’s shocked at Trump’s “racism”, but in truth Trump hasn’t said anything remotely “racist”, was only taken out of context. As America becomes more diverse though, racial identity will grow in political importance.

Sen. Jeff Sessions Calls Out Rep. Paul Ryan on Fast Track

Sen. Sessions has been doing yeoman’s work on fast track. Here he calls out Rep. Paul Ryan.

One thing that strikes me as different this time is that outlets like Brietbart are on board against fast track. In the past, most conservative outlets have been broadly supportive of anything called free trade. Notice the comments. They are nearly unanimously anti-fast track, and are brutal in their condemnation of the GOP Establishment.

Rick Perry Retracts his Support of Fast Track

Breitbart has the story.

This is evidence of what I wrote in my post below, Republican Fast Track supporters are feeling some serious heat from their base. Perry recently came out in support of fast track. He got hammered for it. Now he has changed his position. I’m not criticizing him. I’m glad he changed his mind. We need to keep the heat on. We’re moving the needle.