100 years ago tonight….

How does one make note of it in our time?

A bunch of men on the European Western Front, said no more, at least for now, and made peace without fear of the death penalty that was already built into the system.  I walked these grounds, in the 90s post college, they are indeed haunted.

Nationalist betrayal, loyalty to our civilization, celebration of our feast days…I bring no answers save remember the men who spawned the Christmas Truce of 1914 in your celebrations of the time period.

Warrior  poets, one and all.  Merry Christmas.  Joyeux Noel.

4 thoughts on “100 years ago tonight….

  1. roho

    Even now, a certain Global Tribe is working behind the scenes to thrust Russian Orthodox Christianity and Western Christianity back into another war. Masters of motivating Muslims to fight Muslims, they most likely will succeed.

    While always claiming victim status.



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