Interesting Article About David Gregory and Meet the Press

This is long, but it is worth a read. It’s about David Gregory getting fired from Meet the Press, but contains a lot of Washinton and network inside baseball.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have any thoughts either way on Gregory vs. Chuck Todd, but I think Gregory was probably scapegoated for changes that were well beyond his control. I think these Sunday morning shows are doomed as we now know them. I’m as obsessed with politics as anybody, but I find these shows unwatchable. They trot out the same old reliables like John McCain week after week who spout talking points. These shows arose before the internet became a thing, and even before widespread access to 24 hr cable news. At one point they were how political junkies got their fix. Now, there are so many other outlets. My guess is that the primary audience for these show is much older and the kind of people who like politics qua politics more so than actual issues. The only time I’m really interested in politics qua politics is during Presidential primary season. Then I’ll watch these shows. Otherwise, count me out.

6 thoughts on “Interesting Article About David Gregory and Meet the Press

  1. countenance

    I agree. I too am a political junkie, but News Church (the Sunday morning political talk shows) and also the weekday prime time shows are unwatchable for the most part, because they are the same handful of a universe of guests that probably only numbers in the few hundred, spouting the same talking points at each other over and over again.


  2. hawthornecht

    To continue the line of thinking, the purpose of these shows was to normalize an otherwise absurd paradigm, and present the old half circle of left and right.

    “Should we increase foreign aid to the Middle East by 200%?”

    “No, we should increase it by 300%.”

    “No, 50% is plenty. We cannot afford more than that.”

    The guy who says anyone who goes on television and suggests we should have any foreign aid should be arrested and thoroughly investigated, and finally deported–never seems to make these shows.

    Indeed, these shows are now anachronistic and the powers that be seem to prefer that they die off, rather than attempt a high brow approach to capture ratings.


  3. hawthornecht

    No, the Low Brow play is obvious and his number is Legion, but would never be allowed unless to embarrass us. It’s the fear of promoting say a Pat Buchanan, or a Daniel McAdams, or a Thomas Woods, or a Andrew Bacevich…that ruins these shows as the core audience would actually be swayed.


  4. brandon adamson

    The last time these shows were good was around the 2001-2003 era. The problem with the Sunday shows now is that all of the interesting discussions take place online today, through podcasts, youtube vlogs and Twitter/FB. Part of the failure of these shows is technology, but it’s also the disconnect between what ordinary people are interested in talking about vs. what the old media thinks people care about. People know how watered down and G rated these shows are, so they would rather go to places where they will really get in the thick of things.


  5. roho

    These shows remind me of decades gone by, when old men dropped their wives off at church, only to return home and read their Sunday paper in piece while simultaneously watching Government Propaganda on about 3 channels.



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