Arrest the UVA Frat House Vandals!

Steve Sailer has a post up about the PC creeps who vandalized the Phi Psi frat house at UVA following the release of the Rolling Stone hoax gang rape story. These jokers should be arrested and booted out of school. If a Washington Times reporter can figure this out in a couple of days, then surely the cops can.

That said, this doesn’t really look good for the frat. My thought when this story first broke was that the frat was remaining silent because something might have happened there that night, just not what was reported. Now that we know that nothing happened, why were these frat boys not loudly proclaiming their innocence from the highest rooftop? Also, why didn’t they stay there and protect their property? They should have grabbed baseball bats and ringed the house and dared the PC mob to try something.

And why is the house still empty? Is that part of the University ban on frats? Or a ban on this frat? I would think the University could ban activities but couldn’t keep people from living there, as that is some people’s home. If the house being empty isn’t part of the ban, then that looks bad also. It makes the frat boys look weak and afraid. They should march back into their house proudly and dare anyone to try to stop them.

5 thoughts on “Arrest the UVA Frat House Vandals!

  1. Thaddeus

    Just going to quote a response to this post from the Sailer site, to the question of, “Why weren’t they proclaiming their innocence”?

    The response:

    “First, no one was accused of anything.

    “Second, what are they supposed to do — buy the NYT? They have no access to the megaphone.”

    The latter is the crucial point, in this as in all cultural matters.


  2. roho

    Imagine 100 years of a people sick of PC intimidation against a defeated culture of Southern Gentlemen, that rose out of 6 former Confederate Soldiers in Pulasky Tennessee?……..The KKK!

    One of the first assymetrical warfare groups in US history. Even as a defeated culture, for 100 years, Christian and Moral decency was adhered to. Once heritage stability was restored, even the likes of Eric Holder dared not venture into a land determined to maintain decency.

    If the Judge, Sheriff, Barber, Preacher, Cobbler, and Milkman all had a White Robe and Pointy Hat, whooooooooooooo shouts about PC?……………………………………NOBODY.


  3. redphillips

    Thaddeus, call the NYT, the Washington Post, CNN, the networks, etc. and proclaim your innocence and offer to be interviewed. Call likely sympathetic media, FOX, Washington Times, Breitbart, etc. and offer yourself for interview. Post in the comments section of articled about it. Write to the UVA and local paper. Etc. This isn’t a hard question.


  4. redphillips

    And yes the frat as a whole was accused of something. As were Drew and Armpit and Blanket and “my anthropology class” dude. If such people didn’t exist, perhaps Rolling Stone and the press should have heard about that before the week or so it took for the story to start falling apart.


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