Is #NorthKorea Really Behind the #SonyHack?

Charles Johnson interviews a cyber security expert at who doesn’t think so.

It’s plausible that North Korea is behind it, because they have a reason to be, but I’m not willing to just accept that as gospel because the government says so. Here’s what I posted on Facebook:

The primary reason to not believe that North Korea did it, is because the Fed Gov says they did it, and their minions in the MSM have dutifully reported it. Everything the Fed Gov says is not a lie, but on significant public matters like this, the default position should be skepticism. Uncritical acceptance of something because the Feds say it and the MSM reports it, is foolish.


9 thoughts on “Is #NorthKorea Really Behind the #SonyHack?

  1. hawthornecht

    The premise they (North Korea) are behind it is ridiculous.

    I assume its a US ally that is doing it, for reasons that will never be revealed. Or self sabotage for internal working at Sony–getting people fired.

    It is fascinating–Red Dawn 2.


  2. mralstoner

    China is the gold medalist in cyber hacking, so they should be suspect #1 …

    Sony hack: China may have helped North Korea, US states…tates.html

    “The software used in the hacking was at a level of sophistication not previously seen in past North Korean attacks, a US intelligence source told Fox News, adding that China, Iran and Russia had all used the technology previously”.

    China “probably complicit” in cyber attack on Sony:


  3. redphillips Post author

    Hawthorne, why is the suggestion that North Korea is behind it ridiculous? They don’t have the technological know how? When I said the idea that North Korea was behind it is plausible, I was including the possibility that they paid other people to do it or otherwise had some help.


    1. hawthornecht

      NK doesn’t have the technological know how and if they outsourced it, the hackers would have just taken the money and run. There has to be another actor. Kirt points out that the propaganda campaign came later, which just screams misdirection.

      I am leaning, at the moment, that someone is trying to lower the take over and lower the price of Sony.


  4. Kirt Higdon

    There seems to be a fixation on sovereign state activity in the hack, but it may not be that at all. An article posted on Wired pointed out that the initial approach to Sony referenced neither the film, nor North Korea, nor the Guardians of Peace or any other group. It was merely a threat to divulge corporate secrets and a demand for unspecified financial compensation. Basic extortion in other words. It was the mainstream mass media which supplied the narrative of an NK attempt to supress the film and the hack attackers first adopted, then elaborated on this narrative. Sony may have believed the narrative and the attackers/extortionists (if that’s what they are) may have decided to make an example of Sony rather than press for payment. Since Sony has lost (I hear) so far 80 million dollars, that sets an impressive example for future targets. The internet is a force multiplier of false flag attacks. It makes deception far easier and cheaper. I certainly don’t believe NK did it because the FBI says so, but the FBI may well really believe their own propaganda.


  5. weavercht


    NK is weak and poor and not very interconnected with the rest of the world.

    I doubt it’s the attacker. There’s supposed to always be a trail, but I imagine a false trail could be set up. One reference was how the program had North Korea IP addresses. However, you’d think NK wouldn’t be so obvious for such an unimportant hack, would use a proxy.

    As Kirt wrote above: The Internet is a force multiplier of false flag attacks.

    Whatever the case, 80 million is a lot for Sony; but it’s not a lot geopolitically speaking. I’d personally like for the two Koreas to reunite. Americans tend to condemn NK’s leadership, but reunion, if possible, would require more toleration. Truly “winning” would be for the two to reunite, not for a war to break out where the US forces reunion atop great casualties. And yea, I know NK has nukes.

    It’s good Obama is improving relations with Cuba as well. The only country America has an actual interest in warring against is Mexico. We’re being invaded. It’s otherwise best to allow past conflicts to fade.


  6. roho

    Gulf Of Tonkin, 911, Pearl Harbor Surprise, North Korean Hackers……………..Sure.

    False Flag…………………..Most likely Mossod/USA.



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