Crack in the Rainbow Coalition: Jesse Jackson Wants Foreign Workers Gone

Jesse Jackson makes money from crusades, real or manufactured, against black discrimination. US tech companies have been targeted for hiring too few blacks (and Latinos). Google, etc. have all admitted there is a problem, and such “civil rights activists” sensing the blood in the water, the vulnerability of White Guilt, moved in for the kill.

The usual narrative is that whites don’t hire blacks, because whites hate nonwhites or enjoy inexplicable “white privilege”. This narrative usually works, but the US is becoming increasingly diverse, especially among the young. Blacks continue to underperform even with affirmative action and growing diversity. Other minorities have become competitors.

The harsh reality is blacks enjoy a better standard of living no where than in white majority societies and those that cater predominantly to white tourists. As diversity increases in the US, blacks will receive a diminishing share of the white pie, which is to say blacks will have to actually work for a larger portion of what they receive.

Obama, the great black hope, just passed a massive amnesty for illegal residents, using powers he doesn’t legally possess. Blacks overwhelmingly support Obama, so they overwhelmingly assume this amnesty is in their interests. It thwarts Republicans, and it thwarts oppressive white people. Whites must be oppressive, because any other explanation paints blacks in a negative light.

Cue this latest news: “Jesse Jackson: Get rid of foreign tech workers“.

Hopefully we’re seeing the first cracks in the Rainbow Coalition. While there’s little hope whites will ever grow a backbone to stand against, well, anything unpopular (whites have a need to be loved and accepted, to stand for what’s publicly acknowledged as “good”), we might finally see a change in the political trajectory due to shifting nonwhite political alliances, by which I mean squabbles over the white pie.

6 thoughts on “Crack in the Rainbow Coalition: Jesse Jackson Wants Foreign Workers Gone

  1. roho

    The Oldest Black College is on the verge of Bankruptsy?……….Haiti is a failed nation as the oldest BLACK SOVERIGHN NATION on earth?
    Should the USA allow African Americans to PROVE that they can’t even manage Food, after proving that they had the most shoreline in the world and never built a boat for exploration?

    Africans are the BACK OF THE CLASS in every aspect of HUMANITY!……Screw PC!……..They were still trying to build a SHOE when EUROPE was creating symphonies?

    PC is going to kill HUMANITY!


    1. hawthornecht

      The Cheap Labor Lobby that imported the Black Man into this country made it a problem for the South to deal with. That duty, as Dabney noted, fell to the North with their invasion (Dabney supported a version of AA.) No one would accuse Dabney of being PC.


  2. hawthornecht

    Hopefully, this is the start, save:
    ” so they overwhelmingly assume this amnesty is in their interests.”

    I have no evidence of this in my experience. I would agree that Republicans who think we have to “broaden the party” or other diversity platitudes, nevertheless refuse to discuss how bad the Cheap Labor lobby is the Black Community–and not just “jobs” but real estate, schools, and so forth (i.e. elements of the civil service that can be flipped.)


    1. weavercht Post author

      Blacks might realise Latinos are a competitor, but they love Obama.

      Amnesty would be bad if passed by a white or Latino, but Obama passing it makes it a victory for blacks, in their eyes.

      I could be mistaken. Maybe some of them criticise Obama now? The line the Dems feed is: Obama is hindered by the Republicans. Obama would pay their rent etc. if not for the Republicans.

      Blacks claim MLK was no plagiarist nor adulterer. That is all white propaganda, they say. Blacks believe the wildest things. And you know they do have some legitimate heroes, who are ignored. In some ways they’re victims. They’ve had a false history fed to them, learned to love false leaders. But they’re partly responsible as well.

      Anyway, I hope they can wake up a bit before all the white pie is gone and we find ourselves in a Brazilian dystopia.


      1. Richard Channing

        You are correct. As the blacks did with gay marriage, they will simply adjust their position to fit O’Bama’s rather than criticize one of their own.

        Amnesty still hurts whites as well as the blacks. They would rather see whites suffer than improve their own lot in life. As Jews hatred of Christians is more powerful than Jewish self interest, so is black hatred of white more powerful than black self interest.


  3. roho

    Most White Americans NO NOTHING about the Black Culture, and see the White Southerners as nothing more than Hollywood A$$HOLES?………………Those of us that actually grew up in the South, listened to our ancestors, know what they said?
    1. Blacks are like children in adult bodies still seeing life as a child.
    2. We have to protect blacks from themselves, because if left to themselves they will resort back to Ferrell.
    3. Blacks are emotionally driven, never thinking about the repercussions of their actions, killing each other without remorse.

    It’s ok for the ROMANS to have learned something of their slaves, but SOUTHERNERS learned nothing?………………………Yea right!

    Most Americans need to understand the ZIONIST/BLACK relationship, to understand why ignorant negroes are a tool?……….Latinos are the NEW TOOL.



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