So Apparently Now There are “Rape Truthers?”

Amanda Marcotte (who else?) writes at Salon (where else?) decrying all the “rape truthers” who have arisen in the wake of the Rolling Stone gang rape story falling apart. (The article was originally published at Alternet. That, I guess, is where else.)

First of all, Ms. Marcotte needs a lesson in liguistic equivalence. 9/11 is an actual event that has a conventional explanation that is broadly accepted. People who dispute this conventional and broadly accepted explanation are called “9/11 truthers.” On the other hand, it has now been established beyond a reasonable doubt that the gang rape as described in the RS article did not happen, and it seems very likely that nothing in the way of a rape or sexual assault happened to Jackie that night. We can never prove that something didn’t happen absent a recantation from Jackie, but there is really very little reason to believe at this point, knowing what we know about Jackie’s catfishing scheme to win a man, that anything did happen. So, since the gang rape described in RS didn’t happen, how are people that point this out “rape truthers?” They’re actually rape realityers.

The fact that PC warriors like Marcotte are less concerned about women getting sexually assaulted than they are about having a bludgeon to beat up on men with, is evidenced by her language. Rape is not a “serious social problem.” The existence of outlets like Salon is a serious social problem. Rape, too the degree it happens, which is much less than the 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 that the PC brow beaters continually repeat, is two things, a criminal problem and a sin problem. If they really wanted to deal with the criminal issue, then they would encourage more women to report it and would work on things like making sure every ER was up to speed on how to do a forensic rape kit. Maybe they could raise some funds to get more nurses certified, for example.

And while I seriously doubt that too many PC storm troopers are worried about Christian sexual morality, if they were serious about cutting down on sexual assaults they would decry hook-up culture and not have a conniption fit every time someone suggests that perhaps avoidance of alcohol and chaste behavior would be a wise and prudent course of action.

BTW, notice that Marcotte didn’t mention Steve Sailer. I wonder if she doesn’t want to direct attention his way.

1 thought on “So Apparently Now There are “Rape Truthers?”

  1. ben tillman

    Sorry — I don’t buy the distinction you’re trying to make. People believe Jackie’s story for the same reason they believe the official 9/11 story: The mass media told them it was true. Yet there was never any reason to think either story is true. Critical thinking and truth-seeking are appropriate in all contexts.



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