If TNA and/or Ring of Honor Have Any Nads, They’ll Offer Hulk Hogan a Contract

Hulk Hogan has been purged from the WWE for something he said several years back that was recorded without his knowledge. I have no doubt that this is coming up now because Hogan is proceeding with a lawsuit against Gawker Media because of his sex tape they released. People who know about this sort of thing say that Hogan has a good chance of winning his lawsuit which could financially devastate Gawker which is reportedly already on shaky financial ground.

Hogan apparently dropped the N-word several times in a conversation regarding who his daughter was dating. I have not listened to the tape yet because I haven’t been able to bring myself to do so. I’m sure it will make me cringe. I will say that I think using the N-word is tacky and low class. It was never used in my family, and I’m sure if I used it I would have been corrected. Anyone who follows this blog knows I’m not claiming any superior PC sensibilities, nor am I claiming that my family was particularly enlightened by modern PC standards. I just think the use of the N-word is rude and low class, and that is what I was taught.

But the use of the N-word is also contextual, and some instances of its use might be more indicative of a certain mindset than others. A lot of white wrestlers who have escaped Hogan’s fate are likely guilty of the same or worse. They just haven’t been unlucky enough to have their recorded conversations released. Yet!

What bothers me is the sanctimony and the total purge. Hogan was guilty of an injudicious use of language. A temporary suspension would be sufficient. Attempting to totally wipe away the existence of by far the biggest star in the company’s history is just silly. Hopefully the fans will rebel. WWE fans have always had a special relationship with Hogan that is unlike any other. When Vince tried to bring him back as a heel as part of the NWO revival story line, the crowd wouldn’t treat him as a bad guy despite the writers’ best efforts. Which included him trying to run over someone with a truck if I recall correctly. When he faced The Rock at Wrestlemania that year, the fans cheered for Hogan against the script. Maybe a similar thing will happen here. It is difficult to imagine a real lifetime ban of Hogan from the WWE.

In the meantime, TNA or Ring of Honor should offer Hogan a contract. It would ingratiate them to the fans and bolster the outsider bad boy reputation they are attempting to cultivate.

7 thoughts on “If TNA and/or Ring of Honor Have Any Nads, They’ll Offer Hulk Hogan a Contract

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I’m not a big fan of pro wrestling nor of the Hulk, but I seem to support pro wrestlers in their lawsuits. I was very happy that Jesse Ventura won his against the estate of the sociopathic serial killer Chris Kyle and I hope the Hulkster wins his against Gawker. I haven’t heard the tape Red refers to. I read a transcript of an interview in which HH used the word “nigger” and “nigga” several times in a very rational discussion about his initial surprise and eventual amusement that black wrestlers used these terms all the time and encouraged him to use them. The attempt to erase HH from the history of pro wrestling gives whole new meaning to the term Orwellian.


  2. Richard Channing

    I’ve already cancelled my WWE Network subscription. I’m not missing much anyway so it wasn’t that hard. The booking is really awful nowadays.


  3. weavercht

    It’s so strange hearing people talk on race. They’re like programmed zombies. The mass media and mass public education say, “Jump!”

    Hopefully fans do rally to Hulk Hogan. I saw him in a children’s movie… He was a fairly good actor I thought, at least comfortable in front of the camera.


    1. Richard Channing

      I don’t think you appreciate how moronic is the average person walking on the streets. I interact with these people daily. It’s nauseating.


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