News Flash: We’ve Been Betrayed by Establishment Conservatives

As Paul Gottfried pointed out recently, “No one on the Left sounds as unhinged as ‘conservative’ journalists like Max Boot (Furling the Confederate flag is just the start). Or for that matter, Jeff Jacoby (The Confederate flag is anti-American).” And Gottfried is right – it’s not just Establishment Conservatives in the media who are attacking their own base – the most shrill, hysterical slander against Southern heritage has come from “conservative” Republicans in office. For example, here’s Gottfried again in a piece entitled “The NeoCons’ Confederate Problem.” And if you have the stomach for it, watch Republican Jenny Horne screech that the “symbol of hate” flying on the South Carolina capital grounds MUST be removed:

The mania against all things Southern has made a lot of folks realize they have no representation in government. Elected officials who claim to be conservatives actually represent no one but the powers that be. We’ve been stabbed in the back too many times, whether it’s been the issue of same-sex “marriage,” abortion, amnesty for illegal aliens, Muslim immigration to this country, citizen surveillance, you name it, and we, the people, are always on the losing end.

A little witticism has popped up online in response. Establishment Conservatives are ridiculed as “cuckservatives.” The term blends the word “cuckold,” a man who’s faithful to his unfaithful wife, with “conservative.” Like all good political jokes, it serves up the truth with a side dish of humor. “Cuckservatives” may claim to represent conservatism, but actually advance leftist and Establishment interests because they have embraced the leftist worldview.

Is the term fitting? Consider this: What do authoritarian leftists do when challenged? They do not debate, but attack, and their go-to position is that only a racist, white supremacist, neo-nazi would DARE question their noble agenda. The most extreme example would be the “anti-racist” thugs who physically attack those who fail to think correctly. The more “respectable” leftists do the same thing, only without the gutter language. For example, here’s Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center slamming Pat Buchanan. At 1:45 into this video, Beirich says: “Neocons for the most part in white-supremacist circles are identified as Jews. So it’s actually an expression of anti-Semitism when he has material like that about Neocons. It comes from his right-wing, crazy, anti-Semitic views.”

Compare that language to that used by the so-called “conservative” Ace of Spades: “The word “#cuckservative” is being used as a banner-of-convenience by a conglomeration of several types of people, who range from what I’d call mere nativists to actual, hard-core, Nazi-flag-in-their-twitter profile white supremacists.”

Robert Stacy McCain, another Establishment Conservative, uses the same terms in his slam against the #Cuckservative revolt: “Thus, also, you don’t necessarily have to like Jews or be pro-Israel to be my friend. But if you start making noises about “international bankers” or “neocons” or otherwise signaling to me that you have a paranoid hostility toward Jews — what I call conspiratorial anti-semitism — well, no, I can’t hang with that.” And just to rub a little more salt into the wound, McCain’s assistant blogger, Wombat-socho, bragged the next day that he’d banned several commenters on the McCain blog, in effect, repelling what he called a “flood of racist/white nationalist/Nazi idiots.”

As a recent Washington Post article on this growing movement has noted, “‘#Cuckservative’ is a full-scale revolt.” For those who have had enough betrayal, and are sick and tired of always losing because we trusted Republican politicians, the “#Cuckservative” meme is at least a start.

11 thoughts on “News Flash: We’ve Been Betrayed by Establishment Conservatives

  1. weavercht

    Well, secular Jews and Likudnik Jews *are* significant. The Federal Reserve is nearly entirely Jewish. There are countless examples, and it should be kosher to discuss.

    Jews tend to be cosmopolitan, secular, high-IQ, and ethnic-oriented. And that is the sort who thrive in today’s society. It’s a Jewish era. The kinist approach is the only major competitor I’m aware of, by whites. Jews are essentially kinist in their tribal orientation, and it is not OK for whites to act Jewish in this way.

    Even Amish are fairly ethnic-neutral in their outlook, despite continuing to be overwhelmingly Swiss-German and nearly as homogenous as Icelanders. The kinists are among the few who’ve declared value in ethnic identity while also appreciating the importance of faith.

    It’s a sign of Jewish power that highlighting Jewish influence is shouted down, though it’s perfectly OK to highlight something “whites” or “white-nationalists” do. Everyone wants to condemn “rich elites” so long as we’re grouping them as “white”.

    Paul Gottfried can be rather pro-Jewish at times as well, which is expected. It’s just ironic the situation.


  2. redphillips

    “McCain’s assistant blogger, Wombat-socho, bragged the next day that he’d banned several commenters on the McCain blog, in effect, repelling what he called a “flood of racist/white nationalist/Nazi idiots.””

    Banning people because you disagree with them is a punk move. Being unwilling to debate your beliefs is a sign of fear.


    1. Mike Post author


      Oh, no, it shows what manly men they are. Here’s what Wombat-socho said: ” I feel it necessary to remind our Loyal Commenters of the First Rule of Troll Feeding here at The Other McCain, and that rule is DON’T. Most of you have been here long enough that I shouldn’t have to remind you, but evidently I must. The second rule, of course, is to let me know I need to bring the banhammer and the mop to the comments.”

      He has the banhammer. Fear him.


  3. redphillips

    “the First Rule of Troll Feeding”

    How dare that wuss make a Fight Club reference. He’d piss his pants and cry like a baby if he had to step in the ring.


      1. weavercht

        I’ll take a Mike Tuggle “Let a Thousand Blossoms Bloom” ism over that any day.

        Any who’ve read Chesterton’s Napoleon of Nottinghill knows it’s the small-polity sorts who are the real manly men. Anyone can be manly with an empire behind him.

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  4. hawthornecht

    Andi Nowicki posted an anti-cuckservative meme that one should read at altright, but part of the cuckservative thing is our literary heritage and the nature of Twitter.

    Red–can you add to the site role, and may I encourage folks here to read and write a few pieces responding to their stuff? Best (last) chance for us aging paleos to connect with the avante guard young.

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