The Alt-Right Needs to Straighten Up It’s Act – Crude Is Not Edgy, It’s Just Crude

With the rise of the #cuckservative phenomenon, Alt-Right, or whatever you want to call them, websites are going to get a lot of eyes and ears coming their way that they wouldn’t otherwise get. A lot of these eyes and ears are going to be new to the material and the milieu. Some in the Alt-Right need to straighten up their act. It is one thing to challenge PC Cultural Marxist dogma. This desperately needs to be done. It is another thing to be foolish and crude about it. As I said in the Hulk Hogan post below, using racial slurs is low class. It doesn’t make you edgy. It doesn’t mark you as a free-thinker unbound by the conventional wisdom. It marks you as crude. One can reject PC dogma about absolute equality without resorting to crude slurs. Of course there is the N-word, and recently I have run across “muds,” which is I presume meant to indicate brown people of various sorts. Muds? Seriously?

Aside from being crude and low class, this sort of foolishness is profoundly unhelpful. People who might otherwise be open to rejecting PC dogma are going to be chased away by this, and it gives ammunition to the people who want to equate rejection of PC orthodoxy with “racism.” An antagonist can say “Yeah, but they call people muds,” and not have to think about serious arguments anymore. It gives them an easy out to blow you off.

As the Alt-Right comes under increased scrutiny, some folks need to wise up. Do you want to win converts or do you just want to prove that you’re a bad boy?

9 thoughts on “The Alt-Right Needs to Straighten Up It’s Act – Crude Is Not Edgy, It’s Just Crude

  1. Walter

    The vulgarity around the cuck meme probably is result of fact that many people pushing it are from /pol/, where vulgarity is part of that culture.

    Just peruse:


  2. redphillips Post author

    To be clear, I’m not objecting to the cuckservative meme per se. Yes it is potentially vulgar, but that is mainly because many will associate it with a genre of porn. The idea of some hapless bird raising the off-spring of a Cuckoo Bird or some guy raising another guy’s kid is not necessarily vulgar, although it implies infidelity. My concern is with the use of racial slurs.


  3. weavercht

    “Mud” is new to you?

    I agree of course that such terms shouldn’t be used.

    The Identitarian/kinist/third position approach has always been respectful. You can’t have white without black to define against, and the kinist especially wants blacks to develop stable Christian societies. Also of course a sense of community as well as nationality (which isn’t quite the same thing) give a person a sense of value, belonging. And so forth.


  4. weavercht


    we could fight back by developing our own memes. We’d just have to learn how to create them.

    I can actually name some of the tools needed, because I own one: Wacom tablet. I own a much cheaper model.

    Anyway, that’s how to create top-level memes.

    And yes, I find it strange how everything must have a camera. That linked tablet has a front and rear camera. It seems very Orwellian to me.


  5. hawthornecht


    I think you miss the attraction of the Alt-Right, and the point of the #cuckservative machismo. If they clean up the act, they destroy the process. #NRx has not helped those who are out and about–they get in trouble in the real world. They are trying to change the environment and make the “world” safer–hey, they make you a safe moderate, as a decent fellow, which give you more room to operate. Savrola would approve…


    1. weavercht

      Conservatives certainly don’t believe in tolerating certain behavior. Regulating morality is one of the most important duties of a state, and the same follows for every other environment.

      Children have been raised in this society to embrace a certain degenerate behavior, and it’s potent to figure how to influence and direct them towards useful ends, if possible.

      Degenerates though are basically mass man. They’re one-step removed from slaves, not free as they believe themselves. To be free, one must belong to a group. Otherwise he’s at the mercy of external manipulation by mass society.

      That’s why so many communists overlap with anarchists: the battle is between mass society and those with a sense of group ties.


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