My Suggestion for Trump’s Theme Song

The Trump campaign has me thinking a lot about this song lately and singing it in my head. Trump shouldn’t have used that ingrate Neil Young’s song. He should have used this one, because it’s what he is doing. If I ever run for office, this is going to be my theme song. Burn the house down baby!

1 thought on “My Suggestion for Trump’s Theme Song

  1. weavercht

    Look at this! Trump has forced Jeb to admit “white lives matter”.

    Trump is the hammer.

    Bush quote:

    ““No, for crying out loud, no. I mean we’re so uptight and so politically correct now that you apologize for saying lives matter?” Bush said. “Life is precious. It’s a gift from God. It’s one of the most important values that we have.”

    “I know in the political context it’s a slogan, I guess, and should he have apologized? No,” Bush continued. “If he believes that white lives matter, which I hope he does, then he shouldn’t apologize to a group that seemed to disagree with it.””



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