Pat Buchanan on TPP

Pat gets it, as usual. Trade matters to the GOP base.

“They’re 100 percent behind these trade deals, because it frees up these corporations to move their factories abroad, their plants abroad, and send their goods back to the United States free of charge,” he said. “So, the de-industrialization of America is to the benefit of these corporations, because they can produce far more cheaply outside the United States than they can here.”

1 thought on “Pat Buchanan on TPP

  1. roho

    “Doctors Without Borders” comes out against the TPP, and in less than 24 hours many are killed in an accidental bombing incident at a hospital in Afghanistan?………..Duh?

    May be the first case of a “Nobel Prize Recipient” murdering a former “Nobel Prize Recipient”?

    They seam to think so, and are asking that it be defined as a “WAR CRIME”.



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