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Raimondo on Trump; Hillary Feigns at Populism

Justin Raimondo asks, “Donald Trump: A False Flag Candidate?

The right-libertarian’s question is understandable considering Trump’s aggressive foreign policy and ties to the Clintons. Also, Trump, like every other candidate, must pander to the Israel lobby (and military-industrial complex), which wants war. Even Rand Paul panders to Israel.

Trump did, however, oppose Dubya’s Iraq War. So, there is hope.

Repeatedly it’s said Trump is incapable of winning the Republican nomination. Who then is better?

Trump is popular, because he’s the only candidate who speaks for Middle America. Without him, we’re better off with a Democrat (to rally against). Additionally, if Trump truly cannot win, his presence at least forces legitimate populist concerns into the debate.

Whom now does Raimondo support? Is he back with Rand Paul? Paul has been busy supporting marijuana legalisation… Talk about fitting a stereotype, appearing like a false-flag.

Because no Republican, aside from Trump, defends Middle America, Hillary has filled the gap. Like Obama, she’ll talk the talk, but she’ll walk in the opposite direction. Why would a Democrat reduce the wealth gap anyway, if the wealth gap itself provides Democrats with votes and serves donor interests? To be clear, if the US middle class were large, Americans would have no need for Democrats.

We see a repeating trend of Democrats feigning to be populists. It wins elections. Democrats never serve the American worker, but they do win his vote.

Hillary is also a war hawk.

It’s perhaps noteworthy that no minorities are leading Democratic contenders (Clinton, Sanders, Biden). So, there’s no Obama to rally against as America’s demographic transformation concludes. Raimondo’s shocked at Trump’s “racism”, but in truth Trump hasn’t said anything remotely “racist”, was only taken out of context. As America becomes more diverse though, racial identity will grow in political importance.

Germans March Against Globalism: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

On April 18th, thousands of Germans marched against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)*. A recent YouGov poll found 43% of Germans believing TTIP would be bad for Germany, versus 26% who believed it good.

The German Social Democrats (SPD), who are Chancellor Merkel’s coalition partners, appear especially split over the trade deal. From Deutsche Welle:

“Whoever whispers, lies,” and “No secret negotiations, stop TTIP,” reads a large banner stretched across a replica of the Trojan horse several meters high. The horse reflects their fear that the agreement would primarily serve the interests of industry and thus would seal the end of European consumer and environmental protection standards.

“Don’t be fooled when they tell you they could make TTIP more beautiful, socially conscious, environmentally friendly or democratic,” read a flyer that one protester pressed into the hand of everyone who passed him on the way to the SPD conference.

The most odious aspect of the TTIP is how supranational tribunals could actually enable a business to sue a national government, similar to what we already see with NAFTA. It is hoped that as an alternative to globalism, the sovereign state is again considered, with rulers who are not distant strangers of the ruled.

*Attac, which might have organised the march, seems to want alternative globalisation, not an alternative to globalisation. Nevertheless, any opposition might be welcome.