Cruz Needs to Drop Out

The only way Trump loses the GOP nomination is if Cruz remains in the election to split the anti-Establishment vote, finally endorsing an establishment candidate to oppose Trump.

1. Cruz is too right-wing to win. I like many of his newfound positions, but it’s too much.
2. Cruz is too much of a warmonger, too open to domestic spying, so much so that Ron Paul has condemned Cruz as a libertarian fraud.
3. Cruz supported TPP before he opposed it. TPP undermines US sovereignty and could eventually lead to a flood immigrants into the US.
4. Cruz cheated Carson in Iowa.
5. Cruz’s campaign promotes half-truths about The Donald, seems willing to do anything to win.
6. Cruz is owned by a variety of lobbyists, including Goldman Sachs, Club for Growth, Koch Brothers, Robert Mercer, Wilks brothers, Toby Neugebauer, and a number of others.
7. Cruz is ineligible for the presidency. He was born in Canada.

Cruz fought amnesty and won, and that is huge; But he needs to drop out. None of us will forgive Cruz if he blocks Trump.

4 thoughts on “Cruz Needs to Drop Out

  1. roho

    #7 is right on.

    GOP Primaries: Shut Down The Farce, Stop The Fraud.

    Neither Cruz or Rubio may be eligible under the current constitution as authentic “Natural Born Citizens”?…………The Dems wish for no contest, that may actually reveal that neither was Barry Obama a legit US Presidential Candidate?……….It is now a joke that anybody can run and the US is no longer a nation of laws!


  2. Joel P.

    Ted Cruz is just another George W. Bush who’s done a good job of fooling a large portion of the conservative/Christian base into thinking he’s one of them. He isn’t. And that’s obvious by his relationship with Wall Street/big banking, his sleazy lawyer background, his for-it-before-he-was-against-it opportunism, and most importantly the people he surrounds himself with:

    I lose respect for any conservative dumb enough to fall for the Cruz hype — especially when that hype is accompanied by hatred for Trump. Cruz isn’t anti-establishment–he IS the establishment.



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