Open-Borders Stockman Condemns Trump

Many on the Right love David Stockman. I’ve followed him off and on for some time. But it’s always strange when Stockman embraces open borders. No flood of immigrants is too small.

And today Stockman condemns… Donald Trump more strongly than he condemns the other candidates. Stockman writes:

The problem is bad policies and destructive ideas in the hands of politicians who are extremely competent at orchestrating the machinery of the state against the liberty and prosperity of citizens who once enjoyed the blessings of a robust capitalism and a free society.

Thus, in the hierarchy of things screaming out for radical change, the Donald’s favorite whipping boys——-NAFTA, China’s trade practices, illegal aliens and the danger of Muslim refugees——-don’t even rank. Nor do safeguarding the Second Amendment or building a horizontal version of Trump Towers on the Rio Grande.

The fact is, Trump has fashioned his platform by opportunistically scratching the most fearful and bigoted itches roiling the electorate. He has absolutely no semblance of a coherent program——or even an incoherent one for that matter.

Instead, his pitch is comprised of pure bombast and bile. It’s based on the exceedingly dangerous proposition that what Washington needs is a smart deal maker who can make the government agencies and bureaus run better at home and foreign leaders run for cover abroad.

You could call it the Man-on-the-White Horse syndrome, and pity the horse. Yet there is surely nothing more menacing at this fraught stage of American history than Trump’s content free bluster and megalomania, and his fatuous promise to “make America great again”.

This just goes to show how there are anti-Americans of all stripes, even Reaganite Libertarians. Our opponents are not only “Marxists”.

Donald Trump has become a sort of litmus test. Those who oppose him are generally not pro-American. There are some exceptions. Chuck Baldwin and Phyllis Schlafly still won’t endorse Trump, but they don’t endorse Cruz over Trump. And though Ron Paul doesn’t endorse Trump, Paul gives reasonable justification for this.

Trump is the last best chance at avoiding a Mad Max American future, or worse. And perhaps Mad Max would result in an improved life: We cannot know. I certainly don’t dream of Mad Max.

Update: Phyllis Schlafly has indeed endorsed Trump. My apologies to Mrs. Schlafly.

4 thoughts on “Open-Borders Stockman Condemns Trump

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  2. Joel P.

    “Donald Trump has become a sort of litmus test. Those who oppose him are generally not pro-American.”

    Agreed. This is how I look at it as well.


  3. roho

    Cruz is not even a naturalized citizen based on the U.S. Constitution?………..Marco Rubio (Ricky Ricardo/ is nothing more than Plan “B” if Jeb fails?)………..And the GOP felt that they did not need a Plan “C”?…………Oh shit!………..The corruption in Washington is sdooooooo out of control that even the Donald can’t believe it?………Google “Superdelegates” and learn what they the are?…..It is soooooo anti democratic to be laughable?

    Rubios association with the gang of 14 that chose to give amnesty to ILLEGALS is obvious.

    Trump knows that the corruption is soooooooo bad that even he OWNED POLITICIONS because he gave!……He gave and they owed him?…….Is that hard to understand?

    So what ids Trump fighting?……..May not post, but this is a start?

    “Hillary Clinton Approved Arms Sales, including Chemical weapons, to terror supporting countries after they paid her off.”


    I will try to post it, which may not happen at:

    Can you imagine that much crap to post?………………Best to GOOGLE.



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