NumbersUSA Improves Its Grading System

NumbersUSA Upgraded Grade Cards

Bernie Sanders: F- (Deserves credit for speaking against “open-borders” at least)
Hillary Clinton: F
Marco Rubio: D, plus a youtube video. (At all costs, Rubio must lose!)
Rand Paul: C (Not the brightest guy)
Ted Cruz: A (Willing to maneuver as is beneficial)
Donald Trump: A- (However, he made discussing illegal immigration OK, and his immigration platform is excellent. Really, Trump’s set of positions has become near-ideal. And I believe he intends to uphold them, for the most part.)

Sanders’s inability to shift on immigration makes Trump the only candidate worth considering.

Also, increasingly more are realising how Trump truly could attract Democrats. An election between Hillary and The Donald would make the Democrats into the party that defends wars and Obamatrade. It would be an absolute revolution.

This has become the first presidential election worth participating in since Pat Buchanan.

Early results (from realclearpolitics) appear to show a Cruz victory, which is a shame since The Donald spent so much time there. If democracy is capable of working, Trump will win the primary. Trump vs. big money, and it looks like big money wins Iowa.

7 thoughts on “NumbersUSA Improves Its Grading System

  1. roho

    Iowan’s are not bad people. Like Hawaians, they just don’t know anything outside of Iowa?

    I worked with an Iowa girl in the late eighties that told me she had never seen a black man until she went for training in Atlanta.

    1. Trump can not say damn and hell around Iowa angelicals. (Maybe not in the South either?)

    2. Iowa has never picked a winner.

    3. The Iowa caucus process is really as retarted as choosing Home Coming Queen for the High School Dance?

    4. It’s obvious that the Dem Party will cheat for Hillary if need be.

    5. And the GOP will take Bush or Rubio.

    TRUMP needs to stay focused on:

    1. Using the tarrif card to bring back manufacturing and creating skilled jobs.

    2. Immigration and deportation that will create jobs for African Americans.

    3. No fluctuation on 2nd Amendment.

    4. No trade laws unless fair to the U.S.

    5. Pick and choose Obama E.O’s that the people want turned over.

    Nothing fancy.


    1. weavercht Post author

      I personally dislike the term Anglo-Zionist, but ty for the article. You and I are both Anglo, roho. Is that term “Good for the Anglos?”

      I prefer to condemn “cosmopolitans”, and the leaders of the US are transitioning to become more diverse.

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  2. roho

    weaver:………………I understand your position. Yet history shows that much of the Zionist crap started with Dutch Jews (The Dutch West Indies Co.) and British Jews (The British West Indies Co.) fighting it out for wealth and domination. New York City was originally called “New Amsterdam”. Both controlled the “Slave Trade” but Lord Rothschild gained the upperhand when Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, and the “BANK OF LONDON” became the world power. (Even the Grand Army of Napoleon could not stand up against World Jewry Banking.)

    The IMF and all others are simply an extention of Bank Of London……..Even Sassoon laid the groundwork for China to be controlled by Jewish interest.

    Tel Aviv is truely the center of the world…………………………………….For Now?


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