Trump-Raimondo 2016

Raimondo just posted his latest on Trump/Sanders, and it’s spot-on.

Trump puffs up his chest and announces he wants us to have “the strongest biggest baddest military on earth” – but you’ll note he invariably adds: “So we’ll never have to use it.”

We know who is the Establishment: it’s those brilliant folks who brought us the Iraq war, who want us to repeat our mistake in Syria, and who pine for a US-led regime-change operation in Russia to get rid of Putin and install a pliable Yeltsin-substitute in power. The Establishment, in short, is the War Party, otherwise known as the neoconservatives, and they are the tireless enemies of peace and liberty. Until and unless they are destroyed as a viable political force, either in the GOP or outside it, there will be no peace in this world. If and when Trump succeeds in sidelining them, that alone will be worth whatever price we have to pay in the – unlikely – event he makes it to the White House.

Well, Trump needs Raimondo, not just as an anti-anti-Trump.

For the want of a nail the shoe was lost,
For the want of a shoe the horse was lost,
For the want of a horse the rider was lost,
For the want of a rider the battle was lost,
For the want of a battle the kingdom was lost,
And all for the want of a horseshoe-nail.

10 thoughts on “Trump-Raimondo 2016

  1. roho

    Trump don’t need a gay Raimondo?………………Raimondo is pretty good on non-intervention, but Trump don’t need him……Buchanan tried to tell us, Wallace tried to tell us, and obviously Perot tried to tell us?……………………..”Bought and paid for Democrats and Republicans” are the problem……….Parties are irellevent!………The Corporatocracy of Wallstreet owns them all, through donations.

    Try to imagine that if “MERKE PHARMACEUTICALS” donate more to his campaign than the dumb-ass incombants in your STATE, he is no longer your voice?

    Is that so hard to understand?…………….Duh?……..You are silly ass citizens back home?

    Why is that soooooooo hard to understand?………..Simply google “REVOLVING DOOR OF CONGRESSMEN” in Washington?

    There is an entire site dedicated to tracking congressmen that become LOBYIST?


    1. weavercht Post author

      Oi, don’t bad-mouth Raimondo!

      I meant Raimondo as an adviser, not VP. Trump needs to hear his views, imo.

      I stand with Trump on trade and with you on opposing corruption. I think Libertarians can be good on opposing corruption at times. I don’t believe they see the entire picture though.

      Trump needs the best of the best for his advisers. And Raimondo is the best. Who cares if he’s gay? He doesn’t promote any sort of anti-American agenda in that regard.


  2. Richard Channing

    Raimondo loves open borders. His first instinct when Trump got into the race was to label Trump a hater for his America First immigration policy.


    1. weavercht Post author

      Really? I read his trade bashing. Libertarians are so strange in wanting a global integration of economy (trade) and too frequently immigration. Such leads to globalism… Yet they claim to want limited government despite the natural expectation such would lead to a large and centralised empire. So strange.

      Regardless, Raimondo gets foreign policy. I now realise Trump has good foreign policy advisers though. Trump is a realist and very good on foreign policy, though I’m more like Raimondo.

      I do know Raimondo doesn’t want to preserve racial integrity, but he’s proven able to work with conservatives.

      Regardless, ty for reply.


  3. roho

    Campaign Finance Reform has to take place, or nothing else can be fixed?

    We have become so corrupt simply because the “Donner Elite Corporate Class Invester” owns both the Republican and the Democrat politician.


    1. weavercht Post author

      That’s partly why I like Sanders so much. It’s just that… if elected, the demographics might shift dramatically. One of Sanders’s promises has been to go even further with executive amnesties.

      Sanders is a freakin Commie, but to me I expect he’d be better than Rubio.

      If Trump doesn’t win, we are doomed. And if Rubio or Hillary win, we are double-doomed. I don’t know what to think of Cruz.

      #lower expecations.
      #pray Trump wins


      1. Richard Channing

        Every time I see Rafael Cruz Junior I like him less and less. He is coming across as nothing more than a Goldman Sachs shyster.

        And the way he talks … it’s unbearable. Does he have to pause for dramatic effect after every third word?

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      2. weavercht Post author

        And Cruz’s attack on Carson just reinforces that impression about Cruz.

        And it’s amazing how Trump created such a revolution over illegal immigration without even seeming to intend to. Trump said he didn’t think it right that a foreigner could enter illegally to have a child and it become a citizen. We had all assumed we needed a constitutional amendment. Now Trump reveals that after all of this time, after ~50 years of losing (from 1965), an amendment was not necessary.

        I’m tweeting now. Everything is on facebook and twitter. I’m more moderate on twitter though atm, for election.


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