Prostitution Popular Among British Med Students

I’m no libertarian, but I do know government spending can easily become wasteful. Offer free tuition, and it will do some good while quite likely introducing abuse and a lengthening of the time required to complete an education.

A free market could perhaps produce sufficiently skilled computer programs and plumbers, for example.

However, medical school is expensive, and it is desired that the best quality citizens receive the most valuable training, such as medical training. A society that excludes medical training based on wealth rather than ability will be less likely to produce good doctors.

But I never dreamed that British females would resort to prostitution to pay their way! Here though is a report on just such a phenomenon:

An increasing portion of students in the United Kingdom looking for a way to pay for their tuition are turning to prostitution, according to a new paper by a British medical student.

The problem may be particularly acute among medical students, who generally go to school longer, accrue more debt and have less time for paid employment, according to the paper by Jodi Dixon, who is studying at the University of Birmingham.

That is just shocking. The thought of a rich, bald-headed investment banker paying an innocent 20-something for a sexual act is outrageous. My first instinct is to call for the death penalty!

I submit that while our societies are becoming increasingly nontraditional, increasingly diverse, increasingly corporate, and thus increasingly incapable of governing; perhaps there is a place in some societies for further government-subsidised education.

I know much of the added university expense in the US today comes from the funding of poor students. Basically, in the US, you’re either receiving aid or you’re paying for another’s aid. And our schools are filled with foreign students, while Americans are pushed aside. I have little knowledge of the British university system, however.

To continue on the previous article theme though, I say we stand up to the Social Justice Warrior bullies and uphold the interests of British citizens! If Britain cared for the British, France cared for the French, and America cared for Americans; we might actually reach something near to utopia. If it’s “racist” to care for one’s own, then dare to be racist! Someone must take a stand for what’s morally right. British belles should not be resorting to prostitution.

1 thought on “Prostitution Popular Among British Med Students

  1. Kirt Higdon

    “Prostitution popular among British med students”? How about among US co-eds in general? And probably British ones too. Two or three decades ago, Ben Stein was writing articles about co-eds who became call girls to pay the tuition. Nor do I see this as the fault of the poor and foreigners getting too much aid. Almost all students get some kind of aid, many in the form of deceptively low interest loans which enslave them for much of their working careers. And foreigners are regarded by many universities as cash cows – they’re much more likely to pay full freight or something close to it. The real problem is the over-payment and sheer numbers of staff. At the time the company I worked for insured the University of California system (again – decades ago), I noted that there were 80% as many teaching and administrative staff as students. Given the tendency of bureaucracies to grow, I would now expect the ration to be 1:1 or higher against the students.

    I also suspect that at least some part of the increasing high ratio of female to male students is that the males do not have this alternate method of financing. But I also think that other factors, such as the domination of campuses by the feminoids, are probably more important. Happily, I think that the current system of higher education may be peaking – to be replaced mostly by much cheaper and often better quality on-line courses.



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