Rob Lowe Is One of the Good Guys

If you want to see just how fallen modern man is, express a politically incorrect thought, or worse, tweet one!

In response to the horrific Paris bombings, which would never have been possible without foreign mass colonisation, Rob Lowe tweeted, “Oh NOW France closes its borders.” Expect a groveling apology tomorrow.

As punishment, Lowe has been bullied and essentially dehumanised. Lowe is called an “atrocious human being”, “Lowe by name, low by nature”, “You are making the world worse”, etc. etc.

For the enlightened modern man, those who express thought crime are subhuman and deserving of verbal, economic, and perhaps even physical punishment. Forgiveness for such crimes is never given (unless the perpetrator is higher up the diversity scale: black lesbians are never held to account). Nevertheless, a humiliating apology is expected, to ensure no others dare repeat such mistake.

To the modern, only Social Justice Warriors are moral. Any who speak against the invasion of Europe couldn’t possibly love Europe, love his people, love a true sense of diversity of nations. No, no, such rebels are selfish, hating, and generally Eevil!

Well, as yet it is not illegal to post the following:

Those who say France should be for the French are the good guys! It is perfectly moral to reject mass invasion by foreign peoples, and there is no reason to believe a large global empire would be more benevolent than would a tiny society that minds its own business and its own people.

I doubt Rob Lowe holds even this decent opinion of mine though. Likely tomorrow he’ll explain how he dislikes Muslims for all the right reasons: They reject Social Justice Warrior values! And his only dream in life is to build a Social Justice Warrior utopia, preferably one that isn’t so icky white.

I ask though, would Koreans or Israelis resisting the colonisation and subjugation of their homelands be similarly vilified? Or perhaps standards are different when applied to Europeans?

I say, it is the Social Justice Warriors who hate. They hate real humanity, the humanity of nations, tribes, clans, families, and indeed faiths and states.

1 thought on “Rob Lowe Is One of the Good Guys

  1. weavercht Post author

    The most frustrating thing for me as an “activist” (or perhaps sideliner), is how the Right gets saddled with, for example, fans of the atrocious American History X.

    We in truth are the moral side, yet the Left is allowed to define categories. As a result, we get stuck with the Nietzscheans, Social Darwinists, Elite Theory abusers, and all the others no one likes. Why don’t we send such people back to the Left where they belong? The true Right is entirely different, entirely moral. Yet, it’s rarely given a voice. We are regularly defined out of existence. It is common, for example, to read how a conservative is essentially a classical liberal… Um, no.

    That’s really a good summation of my past decade of blog posts at varying locations: The Right has nothing to do with such people. Apparently only those with great media power are allowed to define categories though. And no one read anymore, increasingly fewer traditions are passed down; so perhaps the complex ideas of the Right are incapable of even receiving a hearing.

    Lowe made a perfectly moral, perfectly reasonable tweet. But this Borg-like modern society is incapable of thought.

    What’s curious to me is whether, with enough money, one could make Social Justice Warriors believe most anything? They are absolute mindless drones.



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