Chuck Baldwin: Marco Rubio Is Glen Tomarchio

I have not seen Jericho, but I love this reference:

On a personal note, I cannot help but notice the similarities between Marco Rubio and President Glen Tomarchio of the “Allied States of America” as depicted in the TV show “Jericho” (2006-2008). Both were U.S. Senators before running for President. Both are young and charismatic. And even their names are eerily similar. Interestingly enough, in that show, the newly-formed “Allied States of America” was clearly depicted as being nothing more than a front organization for multinational corporations and President Tomarchio as being nothing more than a puppet for those same corporations. Wow! No wonder CBS had to yank “Jericho” from the network in spite of its huge popularity. Marco Rubio is the living, breathing Glen Tomarchio. And, with the help of Paul Ryan, Tomarchio—I mean Rubio—will indeed turn the United States of America into a Constitutionless “Allied States of America.”

Analogies like this are potentially powerful.

I’ve never myself understood the aspiration of Constitution-defenders since it seems almost a technicality how the US today rejects the Constitution. Legal scholars declare the Constitution is indeed obeyed, no matter what is done; and Americans just accept that as true.

However, Donald Trump aims to uphold American interests, as opposed to corporate interests. And I can understand and support that. Big Business & Socialism vs. Trump & America.

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