St. Benedict For Me, But Not For Thee

In yesterday’s Amconmag, Rod Dreher explains that “I think it is time to consider legal action at the federal level to compel vaccination.”

Setting aside the merits of vaccines themselves, I think it is astounding that the man who developed the “Benedict Option” is so willing to use the power of the government…the Federal government no less, to enforce his utopian ideals.

It is astounding that the man who, in the context of forced acceptance of homosexuality in the corporate workplace, once said:

 It doesn’t take a paranoid to see where this is going. It just takes someone who has worked for a corporation, and who has seen how powerful the phrase “hostile work environment” can be. It’s not “persecution.” But it is something. And it is real.

Now, in another context, says:

 Aside from legal action, we are going to have to make anti-vaxx a culturally unacceptable viewpoint to hold.

I think a concise refutation of Dreher (a man who once claimed to be as mistrustful of big business as he was of big government) comes from commenter “Tommy” commenting in Dreher’s original article:

… if vaccines become law. I certainly wouldn’t put it past congressmen who are buddied up with pharma lobbyists to require unnecessary vaccines that will, in the end, be a boon to pharma and a boon to said congressmen.

The mechanisms for enforcement Dreher and his readers advocate include social ostracism, employment discrimination, and travel restrictions. But Dreher’s own “Law of Merited Impossibility” would dictate that “Medical Kidnappings” aren’t out of the question.

Look, this is coming. This is the new world. This is post-Christian America. You will hear the Law of Merited Impossibility people yelling that this will never happen, but when it does, you people will deserve it, to try to shout down your concerns, and to hide from themselves the illiberal truth of what they’re doing. But it’s happening, and you had better get ready for it, and get your children ready for it, because the people driving this thing believe so strongly in their own virtue. Error has no rights. — Rod Dreher

2 thoughts on “St. Benedict For Me, But Not For Thee

  1. roho

    No dog really in this fight as an early Baby Boomer. But, I do remember a time in the Deep South when mothers carried their children to play with a sick child for the plan to actually catch the childhood disease as soon as possible. Be it whooping cough, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, chicken pox, or whatever, get it early and move on before school starts!…….Ha-Ha!……Summer was best not interrupting school time. I had them all, and Mom was waiting for the next outbreak of anything that I had not had yet. In the fifties/sixties, we got immunized with smallpox and polio only…………Never had these?………Stay away from the local BUFFET!…….In those days, NO Kids were allowed to leave their table, and mom would return with what she wanted you to eat, and carry you to the car for a beating if you objected. (Now, snotty nosed kids, hacking, coughing, and sneezing, invade the BUFFET by themselves?) Have you ever asked yourself, “How many sick kids have picked up this macaroni & cheese spoon?” Thousands!!!

    I don’t trust the Government period……….Not even with my dog’s life………And BIG PHARMA is as crooked and rotten as the BANKING INDUSTRY. At best, it’s a Momma and Daddy’s call.

    We really have no idea what is in these injections, and neither does the person doing the injection?…..They simply do what their employer tells them to do. 😉

    We didn’t wear bicycle helmets either, no seatbelts, and had our buddies sign our leg and arm casts as a badge of honor. Sissy’s were not allowed………You rubbed playground dirt on it and as Taylor Swift would say, “SHOOK IT OFF!”



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