The Internet Aristocrat Quits #GamerGate: On the Virtue of “Extremism”

I’m sorry, this is a couple of weeks old news now, but I just stumbled across it yesterday. For those who don’t know, The Internet Aristocrat had a YouTube channel with a lot of followers, and he produced humorous videos that skewered the SJW crowd. It was one of his videos that CHT posted at the pre-crash site that described GamerGate when it first started to become a thing. Well he has bowed out. I apologize for the language in the video. The IA uses a lot of choice words. But the reason I’m posting this is less about GamerGate per se and more about his take on why it has become less effective.

I agree with his take on the problem with GamerGate moderation entirely. The PC enforcement crowd is not reasonable or rational. They are hysterical. Since you are not dealing with a force that would consider compromise, it is a foolish strategy to attempt to moderate to appease them. Rational people can be reasoned with, ideologically addled hysterics cannot. The PC policers need to be resisted with equal and opposite force. That is not to say that they should be cussed at or called names, as is often the response of people who are reacting in anger. They just shouldn’t be conceded to or placated. My preferred response is to just relentlessly call them out on their thought enforcing. Thought enforcing ought to be a shameful thing, not a badge of honor. It’s carrying water for groupthink. What honor could there possibly be in carrying water for groupthink? It is a sad commentary on our current state of affairs that so many people consider it a measure of virtue to shill for the hivemind.

I’m not suggesting that extremism is the way to win a political campaign. I think “extremism” is the way to counter extremism when what you are primarily doing is being a rhetorical warrior.

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