Quiz: How Right-Wing are You?

For fun I’m posting my own variant political quiz. No quiz is unbiased, but the following is more obviously biased.

I define “right-wing” roughly as piety. Answer on a scale from 0 to 4, “0” being a firm “no”.

1. Do you like the following statement? : Duty … is the sublimest word in the English language. You should do your duty in all things. You can never do more; you should never wish to do less. (a “0” answer here might be wary of all calls to duty.)

2. Do you believe leaders should serve their people? (A 0 answer believes leaders should serve the leaders’ own interests only, not their followers’ interests.)

3. Is there something you care for or wish to preserve in this world (a “0” answer here might be that you “want to watch it all burn”)?

4. Do you believe man has an immortal soul or otherwise holds special value? (“0” answer might believe “life is a disease of the dust” with no more value than has a rock.)

5. Do you believe in a god(s), take part in a religion, or live a spiritual life in some way? (“0” here for atheist.)

6. Do you plan for the future (as opposed to living in the present)?

7. Do you live by the principle of “Meden agan” (“Nothing in excess”)?

8. Do you believe utopia is impossible, at least in this life: Just as there has been no utopia in the past, there will be no utopia ever? (A “0” answer here aims for utopia).

9. Do you believe the best form of government varies due to a polity’s situation, traditions, religion, racial differences, or perhaps other differences? (The contrary “0” position here would be that one form of government best fits all human societies equally.)

10. Do you honour ancestors and believe it important the past be remembered?

11. Do you wish to preserve a particular race or people? Note: a “people” might be defined more openly than “those descended from the people on both sides”, so the scaled answer would change based on this.

12. Do you wish to preserve a particular society and its traditions?

13. Do you find the natural world, unaltered by man, wondrous as the product of a Creator or at least spiritual in some way?

14. Do you strongly dislike “invasive species” damaging a foreign ecosystem? Do you firmly oppose the release of genetically modified organisms into the wild?


15. Do you believe it’s wise to learn the reason for a past law or tradition before changing it and to otherwise default to following tradition when uncertain? Do you doubt man’s ability to reason and his ability to grasp all pertinent aspects of a matter?

16. Do you believe man is fallen or otherwise “naturally bad” (as opposed to being naturally good)? (Dr. Fleming once noted that if believing in evolution and not creation, then at least one should remember we came from monkeys who are notorious for their poor behaviour.)

12 thoughts on “Quiz: How Right-Wing are You?

  1. weavercht Post author

    Perhaps a version 2.0 would look better, but I like this as a rough start.

    Possible additions:

    x. Do you like children?

    x. Do you believe in working your way up and in respecting authority? (In other words, do you acknowledge a natural hierarchy exists and is positive?)

    x. Are you wary of change?

    x. Are you wary of technology and great power?


  2. Kirt Higdon

    These admit of simple yes or no answers, so with 4 being yes and 0 no, on almost all of them, including the add-ons, I’d answer 4 (yes). The exceptions would be one and 7, to which I would answer 0 (no). 14 I would probably pass on since I think the terms need to be a lot better defined, but if I had to answer, it would be 0 (no). With respect to 16, I do not equate fallen with naturally bad. If a man falls and suffers crippling injuries, his state is not naturally bad, but it is permanently damaged and in constant need of extraordinary help. The same with human nature.

    Also, answering yes or 4 to some questions does not rule out alternatives. For example, with 13, finding nature unaltered by man to be wondrous as the product of the Creator does not rule out finding the good works of man even more wondrous. After all, they too are the product of the same Creator who created human nature even higher than other physical nature and redeemed human nature by taking it on Himself.


  3. redphillips

    Weaver, if you are going to make it a 4 point scale, then it should be a “Likert scale.” 1 strongly disagree 2 disagree 3 agree 4 strongly agree. If you want to make it out of 5, then 3 would be neither agree nor disagree. You can have 0 as you lowest number if you want but that would still include 5 answers with neither at 2. There is a lot of data on the benefits and drawbacks of doing a test this way. If you want to force a yes or no answer, this is called a forced choice test and allows for only a 1 or 2 or 0 or 1.


  4. redphillips

    I’m not an expert on psychometric testing. That is the realm of psychologists, but I have had enough interaction with it that I have some basic knowledge.


  5. hawthornecht

    All the questions are loaded and don’t prove much about being rightwing.

    Here’s a rightwing question:

    In extraordinary circumstances, can the small ‘c’ constitution be set aside for the purposes of Executive action to deal with a threat?

    No, would be Leftwing. Yes, would be rightwing. Many of us would not click a 4 as we have been influenced, all of our lives, with folk inquiry about the nature of “threats.”


  6. weavercht Post author


    There is danger right-leaning types trust the government in the face of a great threat. I’ve seen this myself with the Patriot Act with a major paleo blogger actually.

    Anyway that would then be piety towards the society’s constitution though, or perhaps wariness of great power. And government is not the only source of great power.

    The quiz is incomplete, but I was approaching it with piety in mind, which is I think the most important characteristic of someone on the Right.


  7. hawthornecht


    Our heritage understood the problem, and thus agreed upon the nature of militia and no standing army–I’m resisting 2nd Amendment talk here. “We” are the army and the police and so forth.

    It was the rightwing import that got us into things like Vietnam. The American rightwing is its own animal.


  8. weavercht Post author

    I don’t disagree with you.

    If I make a 2.0 version, I should label it a *psychology* quiz as Red seems to suggest.

    I just find these questions, this approach, more pertinent. I like the First Things approach.


  9. weavercht Post author

    Kirt, fallen yes. For brevity I worded it that way is all.

    The majority of people taking such a quiz, at least those under 30, would question the Bible. As such, the fallback is to say we’re evolved from mere monkeys.

    I’m surprised you don’t like 7. At least politically it has a lot of positive applications. I assume you don’t like it simply because of its pagan origin? I don’t see it as unChristian though, do you?

    Anyway, I appreciate the post.


  10. Kirt Higdon

    I don’t agree with 7 because it is usually interpreted as virtue always lying in the middle between two extremes. I agree with Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s position that we can never have too much love or too much acceptance of the cross of Christ. God’s perfection is to be our example and his love is quite excessive. Many of the canonized saints of the Catholic Church were extremists in one respect or another.


  11. weavercht Post author


    I like that quiz and thank you for linking to it, however:

    C02 might eventually create a problem. Environmentalism isn’t exclusively of the Left. It’s just doubtful there’s global warming as a result of C02 at present.

    It is conservative to be wary of pollution or any change, and releasing massive amounts of carbon is a change.

    I would say IQ is better to a point. But it’s doubtful higher IQ is always an absolute improvement. With any change there tends to be good and bad resulting. At some point, you might result with more bad than good if increasing IQ.

    I imagine vegetarians do have less of an impact on the environment. I’ve never been able to get enough protein from such a diet though myself so I doubt it’s healthy.

    Personality probably is shaped by the environment. Obviously genetics play a major role.

    Anyway it is an excellent quiz on the whole. I’m just wary of a few of the positions.

    My position on IQ is that I want to preserve how we are or how we were meant to be. We want a healthy population that can compete, competing requisite for survival. We want a population that is happy.

    GK Chesterton made a solid point when he asked, if we increased the IQ, would people necessarily be happier? His question was similar anyway.

    It’s not very right-wing to dream of progress other than a Christian sense of progress, which is different, doesn’t orient around IQ. On the whole, that quiz is excellent though and just the type of quiz I was wanting.



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