Hipster Fascism?

I’ve heard of Hipster racism thanks to Hawthorne, but Hipster Fascism? Really? I think some people are a bit paranoid.

I first ran across the idea here, in a piece about the band Death in June. The article is long and tedious, but it’s worth a read just to see what is going on inside the heads of the antifa militants. To his credit, the author does attempt to be somewhat measured and nuanced in his analysis, as if he is aware that a fair criticism of the antifa mentality is a total lack of such.

Death in June is a “neofolk” band and the name is a reference to the Night of the Long Knives which occurred in June when the Nazis purged some of the left-wing Nazi elements (as well as some conservative critics). Weaver might be interested in a digression the author takes where he discusses the relationship between Third Positionism and the purged left-wing Nazis.

Death in June is apparently somewhat popular and the antifa showed up to protest one of their concerts in Portland. They apparently incorporate some Nazi symbolism into their aesthetic, although I believe they would argue that they are reclaiming some older pagan symbolism. For what it’s worth, the lead singer of DIJ is gay, so I doubt they are a bunch of raging traditionalists.

So after reading this, I decided to Yahoo “hipster fascism” and apparently this is a thing, at least in the minds of the PC paranoids.

The always interesting J. Arthur Bloom comments on the phenomenon here in the new and intriguing blog The Mitrailleuse.

I’m not sure I get what motivates this fear of latent hipster fascism that the antifa seem to fear will rise up at any moment and start marching undesirables off to the camps. Hipsters are, in my mind, generally associated with left wing politics and an embrace of PC attitudes. What the Bloom article gets at, however, is that they are not militantly political or revolutionary as have been past groups of young people, like the hippies. In fact, many hipsters, who are the first generation poised to do worse than their parents, appear to have lost faith in the political process and have a healthy skepticism about what government can do. As a result they have some soft libertarian tendencies. And they are not truly counter-cultural in any major sense. In fact, intentional or not, you could argue that drinking PBR and wearing retro glasses for example, signal a yearning for the past and better times masked by their protests of irony. This makes them dangerous in the minds of the paranoid PC warriors.

I’m reminded of the Bible verses Luke 11:23 and Matthew 12:30 where Jesus declares “He who is not with me is against me…” The PC guardians seem to adopt this same attitude. Since hipsters aren’t waving signs and protesting with the antifa, they are obviously then a dangerous cohort who might at any time start acting on wrongthink.

One thing that seems to hack off the antifa, is that hipsters are behind the trend toward gentrification of some city neighborhoods. What is going on here is obvious. These hipsters, who are an urban phenomenon, want to live in the city but don’t have the money to move to the traditionally upscale white areas of the city and they eschew the suburb. So they move into traditionally minority neighborhoods where they can afford rent. As the percentage of whites increase the property values go up and different sorts of businesses start to move in and the minorities, no longer able to afford the new rent or upscale retail, move out. A reverse phenomenon can be seen in closer in suburbs where blacks have moved in, aided by Section 8 housing vouchers, and whites have fled. (Can you say Ferguson, Missouri?) But this gentrification and the reverse phenomenon of suburban white flight, present an intellectual dilemma for the antifa. Why, do whites moving into a neighborhood gentrify it, and blacks moving into a neighborhood cause decline and decay? They can babble about white privilege all they want, but they know that’s not the answer because they’re not stupid.

14 thoughts on “Hipster Fascism?

  1. hawthornecht

    Hipster fascism would be much more difficult to quantify. From David Bowie, to Slayer, to Faster Pussycat, to Marlyn Manson–to all the B-movie sexploitation films of the 70s (Ilsa)–it’s never really left the scene. Perhaps because Death in June is an Indy targeting hipsters, and the intra-liberal battle over hipster racism earns them a target?

    Spot on with hipster racism. For paleo’s, and certainly Objectivist Nativists ;-), it’s an interesting development as its an example of positive (i.e. materially) “immigration” even if the immigrants are not wanted by the locals.


  2. filmercht Post author

    The article mentions Marilyn Manson, David Bowie and Nicki Minja, but gives them a bit of a pass because the Nazi connection is less overt.

    Red is the Objectivist Nativist. I suspect someone named Filmer would be a monarchist.


  3. hawthornecht

    We’ll all await Red’s comments from his unique point of view.

    Pink Floyd, did the whole lead singer as fascist thing with The Wall, but it was not overtly pro-Mosley, if perhaps it was, in its own way. Anti-war fascism has always been a tough sell in the Anglo world, even though it was.

    But we digress…you have picked up on “antifa watch” which is a very good angle to pursue.


  4. weavercht

    “Why, do whites moving into a neighborhood gentrify it, and blacks moving into a neighborhood cause decline and decay?”


    It’s amazing to see this phenomenon too. However, I get sick of the faux “artsy” movement accompanying it. Art is a positive, but true art doesn’t need to declare itself such. I like folk movements that are innocently unaware they’re artsy – and aren’t trendy. “Art” nowadays seems to equate with “left-wing” and “anti-Western”. Everything pro-West is declared unartsy, which is fine by me.

    People talk of “hipsters”, but I like what I like regardless of whether it’s popular. Savrola posted here awhile back, confused that I’d praise the band “Alabama” and “Alan Jackson”. Who cares if they’re popular? They’re legitimately awesome, especially “Alabama”! Savrola though didn’t like anything popular and mass produced, and he was in that regard foolish. He also praised Captain Chaos, though didn’t seem to understand Captain Chaos’s positions… Savrola I’m sure had his positives though.

    Anyway, while blacks will attack outsiders in their neighborhoods, whites will not in this day. So which group is the “racist” group here?

    I assume the mixed economic neighborhood is a popular solution nowadays? I’ve seen city governments attempt them, and they look like an absurd waste of money. Government spending in our society today seems to equate with wealth redistribution to nonwhites, which is perhaps why so many whites are libertarian.


  5. weavercht


    Pink Floyd and Mosley? Surely you jest. I believe you, but I’m shocked.

    The Pink Floyd song “High Hopes” is surely not fascist. And it’s unfortunately one of their best sounding songs imo. I’d assumed Pink Floyd to be antifa.

    Anyway, Mosley was a failure. AK Chesterton condemned him anyway, and I’ve read that.


  6. hawthornecht


    The Wall is filled with fascist imagery and one might argue that Mosely wanted to build a Wall around England. And one must consider the root of Pink’s depression is his father’s death in the war as a boy. Unintentional? Of course, Pink Floyd members are prominent antifa’s but I still see some hipster fascism of the 70s Era.


  7. weavercht

    Aren’t the marching hammers and wall fascist symbols but used to mock it? Or I suppose the wall is the Berlin wall, but regardless they just mesh it together in their calls for globalism – or so I’d understood. I’ve not studied them of course – haven’t seen a video of theirs since high school.

    Anyway, Pink Floyd is full of such imagery, yea.


  8. roho

    IMO Hipster Fascism is a house of confusion, frustrated that neither “Dubya’s” Cronie Capitalism nor “Obango’s” Hope and Change actually work for the middle class. Whether it’s Stalin’s Marxism or Hitler’s Fascism, it all marches towards Totalitarianism control of the wealth of the nations industries. (The Crypts and the Bloods may hate each other, but both want control of territory and wealth.)…………….The focus should be on Free Enterprise and an open Society, with a REVIVAL of LAW ENFORCEMENT on Monopolly Laws and Truth In Advertising Laws for a start. How about making the SEC a real watchdog and big pharma policed as well?

    “The Hipster Fascists, Enemies Of Open Source Society”


  9. hawthornecht

    Sure, Weaver, the fascist symbols in The Wall are not done to promote fascism, but nobody is arguing The Wall is coherent, or a real work of art. It’s just pop music…but I circle back to the root of Pink’s depression being the death of his father in war–something the fascists in the UK sought to avoid hence there is a little problem with the story telling.



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