Chris Matthews: National Review Dislikes Trump’s Foreign Policy

From RealClearPolitics:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Rich Lowry supported the Iraq War. Kristol, he did too. These guys are all war hawks.

That’s why they don’t like Trump, because he’s the only guy on the right wing who said it was a stupid war, we never should have fought it, and those peoples’ hearts and souls was with that kind of war.

They want to go from Iraq, they want to go to Libya, which they’ve already done, and what’s next?

Syria they want to go next. Regime change is in their bloodstream, and Trump is saying it is stupid for us to play that role. Isn’t that what unites these people? Podhoertez, Kristol, Erickson? All these guys are hawks. And Donald Trump says no.

Rather than “Neocons”, the latest label seems to be “Americans for WWIII”. And let it be known, “Neocons” created their own label of “Neocon”… But since that’s now offensive, “Americans for WWIII” should replace it.

3 thoughts on “Chris Matthews: National Review Dislikes Trump’s Foreign Policy

    1. weavercht Post author

      A good quote on the Likudniks by Russell Kirk:

      And not seldom it has seemed as if some eminent Neoconservatives mistook Tel Aviv for the capital of the United States

      I look forward to the day one of them tries to explain to Trump how creating chaos in the ME is good for Israel, lol.

      I’m sure there’s an American intervention that has been positive – maybe supporting Pinochet.

      If Trump can defeat ISIS and create stability not chaos, that’ll probably serve my interests, especially since Trump seems to mind how many trillions he spends doing it.


  1. roho

    Oh My God?…………This is the part where I scare the shit out of PC youth, that have excepted PC words for reality?…………..First, there is no LIKUDNICS or NEOCON niceties? These are simply JEWS in America that are more loyal to present day so-called ISRAEL than they are to the USA!…….All writers of the National Review are JEWS that make all of their decisions based on “What is good for Israel whether it’s good for the USA or not?”…….And if you disagree, you are Antisemitic, Anti-Israel, a Racist, an enemy of the ADL, SPLC, and the World Jewish Council, and everything ever associated with, sponsored, or promoted by the Khazarian Mafia Cabal that now is trying to run the world out of London England!……..I’m so ashamed!……….LOL!

    Chris Mathews is a jealous idiot that has not been excepted by the KM and wishes to complain about everything, hoping that he will be excepted?

    Trump has enough money to not give a shit about the KM or George Soros, or any other rich JEW man trying to influence US Politics?………William F. Buckley was originally a CONSERVATIVE?

    So What?……….NATIONAL REVIEW was hijacked by JEWS OF AN INTERNATIONAL ORDER such as HENRY FORD, which tried to warn us of in the 20th Century?.

    DO THE RESEARCH!………………It’s all on the Internet……And you can find it!



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