Two Articles: Raimondo and Buchanan on Trumpism

Nationalism and Its Discontents: The Meaning of Trump by Raimondo

The meaning of Trumpism is that Americans want to rid themselves of the burden of empire: Wright is right about that. Trump’s rise augurs a seismic shift in the foreign policy debate in this country, marking the end of the interventionist consensus that dominates both parties. And it certainly means the final defeat and humiliation of the neoconservatives, who are busy spewing vitriol at him and his “plebeian” supporters. And that alone is worth whatever price we have to pay for the triumph of Trump. For the neocons are the very core of the War Party: their demise as a politically effective force inside the GOP is an event that every person who wants a more peaceful world has been longing for and should celebrate.

Raimondo mentions Kristol wanting a new third party. Hilarious.

Pat Buchanan Says Donald Trump is the Future of the Republican Party By Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post

In both parties, people are coming to recognize that the interests of transnational corporations collide and conflict with U.S. national interest and the interests of working Americans. What is good for General Motors is not good for America if General Motors is moving production out of the United States.

Americans did not want to get involved in Georgia, Crimea or Ukraine. They do not want to send an army back to Iraq or into Syria. And Trump, in his emphasis on building up America, and letting these folks solve their problems, is in line with national thinking. The hour of the liberal interventionists like Hillary Clinton in Libya, like the neocons’ hour of power in the GOP, is over.

The party base does not forgive or forget desertions under fire.

How closely should Ayotte campaign with Trump? She should wait until after the nomination to decide, if Trump were nominated. But if she has national ambitions, Ayotte will endorse the nominee.

1 thought on “Two Articles: Raimondo and Buchanan on Trumpism

  1. roho

    Trumpism is nothing more than an awakening of INTERNET FOLLOWERS that stayed in touch?

    Trump followers had enough sense to actually notice Victoria Nuland handing out snacks at the Kiev Ukraine Revolution?…….And even noticed that SNIPERS were shooting EVERYBODY at the get to gether to make it look like the SNIPERS were anti Russian Pro Western SNIPERS? (No wonder that Lavrov refused to shake her hand?)……….Syria is a JOKE!…..America should go home and hope and pray that RUSSIA does not attack them!………GOD forbid that it happens while ISRAEL owns there arse!………….We are stupid while we follow MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS trying to influence the world on Global Issues?

    Why should we give a shit that Dick Cheney, Rothschild, Murdock, and Bill Richardson , try to STEAL THE OIL that belongs to the Syrians on the Golan Heights after ISRAEL chose to break INTERNATIONAL LAW by claiming the GOLAN HEIGHTS after the 1967 LAWS!



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