Thoughts on the Oregon Federal Land Occupation

I am automatically inclined to be sympathetic toward citizens in most any ideological beef against the Feds and Federal power. That said, I don’t necessarily think the long term agenda is furthered by rash actions of a few. Maybe a rash action by a motivated few sparks mass resistance, but maybe it also gets some good people thrown in jail or killed without actually advancing the ball. While I am hesitant to condemn the occupiers, I’m not sure I understand what their end game is here. What do they hope to accomplish?

This is a tricky issue for the GOP Presidential candidates, especially those running as anti-Establishment candidates. Some of their right flank is going to see any perceived lack of support of the occupiers as caving to the Feds, but some of their less ideological supporters might see this as a law and order issue and be less sympathetic to the occupiers. It seems to me that the winning play for a Republican Presidential candidate would be to promise to pardon the 2 Hammond ranchers if elected.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Oregon Federal Land Occupation

  1. weavercht

    Reasonable suggestion. What to do with the militiamen though?

    The ranchers sound potentially blameless, but the militiamen sound to have gone too far. I’d like for Donald Trump to show up offering a mild sentence if the militia agrees to surrender. Blacks are said to have “n-moments”, well this looks like whites having a “Founder moment”. It happens.

    What’s truly bizarre is how so many from the “Left” are calling for brutal action against the militiamen.


  2. roho

    I need to do a study on why there is so much more Federal Land west of the Mississippi River?……….Did the Feds not see something that they wanted back east?……..Were mistakes made that the Feds in America said would not happen again?

    Either the Bundy son or Hammond son made a coded statement on national TV that I found puzzling? ” WE INTEND TO GET”

    3. AND LOGERS BACK TO LOGGING?…………………..What?

    Don’t make sense as the MSM explains all the history of this conflict?

    He also said, “AT ONE TIME THIS WAS THE RICHEST COUNTY IN THE STATE, AND IS NOW THE POOREST”?……………..What?……….Maybe in the 1800’s when there was money in cattle farming?

    Then I did some digging on the Web and found that these ranches and adjoining lands are MINERAL RICH with Diamonds, Gold, and YELLOW CAKE URANIUM! (And these ignorant families wish to graze cattle!)…………Notice the map on your previous post. (All the oil land in Texas lost to private enterprise?)………..The Feds want the minerals.

    They will send in special forces with night vision to kill and take this land.



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